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Seven people killed as army truck rams into cab in Kashmir


Wasim Akram to be father again

Pakistani fast bowling legend Wasim Akram is to be a father again as his Australian wife Shaniera Akram is expecting. The former Pakistani captain…


Stories untold: rediscovering Kargil’s forgotten past

“If the place is not recognisedIt is from where the whole land is seen”-The Gesar Saga For those who have lived through an extensively televised…

Literary Dispatch

The pink chewing gum-- a short story

A decade ago I saw her on the road. She went to the nearby shop and in a twisted Urdu accent, that is trademark of Kashmir girls, asked for a pack of…


What is the way out of Kashmir impasse?

India and Pakistan celebrated their 68 th independence day and Kashmir as usual served parchment for annual rejuvenation of nationalist fervor of…

Photo Feature

Photo feature: down the Afarwat slopes

In the famous tourist resort Gulmarg, less than six miles from the volatile ceasefire line that divides Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan,…


World ‘losing battle’ to contain Ebola, says MSF

 International medical agency Medecins sans Frontieres said on Tuesday the world was “losing the battle” to contain Ebola as the United Nations…