Maqbool Bhat’s letter to his uncle


In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.


Central Jail, New Delhi

19 September, 1979.


Respected Uncle,



I hope you are in a good health. Some days ago, I received your letter written on July 29. Ghulam Nabi Bhat (Maqbool’s brother who was killed during armed insurgency) had come around same time to meet me. I was informed about the current circumstances. With great intensity, I feel the magnitude of your difficulties and problems [1]. I am sad about the fact that at the time when I should have been near to you and of some help, I am away and helpless. Anyway, there is no need to worry. By Allah’s grace and generosity, these testing times too will be over soon. Never feel disappointed from Allah’s mercy. It is my belief that Allah will take our boat away from the vortex and make us reach the desired destination. You just have faith in Allah and keep praying. I believe that your sincere prayers will surely be answered. You have talked about selling your house.


In this regard, please consider my suggestions:


1: While selling the house, ask for a considerable price. In no way, sell the house for less than One and a Half lakh[2].


2: From the sale proceeds, keep ten thousand rupees for your personal expenses and pay two thousand to Peer Abdullah Shah of Landi Kotal[3].


3: Deposit the rest of the money in my bank account. You can find the details of my bank account number at my home.

 I would feel hurt if you distribute the amount among the heirs as it would serve no good to anyone. There is no point to construct a divided house. I am of this view that in the coming one or two years, the verdict will be declared in my case and it is after this that one can think of future. If I come to you after I am released, then I will decide about the future of my children myself and if Allah accepts my martyrdom, then I suggest you to divide the money among the children.


I desire that education of affectionate Sabiha and Ruqaya be continued and that their future too remains secure along with Javaid, Showkat and Lubna. It is keeping this aspect in mind that I don’t like keeping the money in fixed deposit. Till my judgment, ten thousand rupees (for managing) expenses will be enough for you. 


You can support yourself by renting a small house for some time. If Raja and Zakirah [4] want to live with you, that will be better; otherwise they may choose to do what they wish. On this subject, my advice is final and it should be acted upon in every case.


If you have a reasonable suggestion to make, please enlighten me. Take special care of children’s education and inform me about them in detail.


Say me Salaam to sister Hameeda and her husband and to all my friends.  My love to Sabiha and Ruqaya.


Your son,

Mohammad Maqbool Bhat


Note: Keep the stream of letter writing on, so that I remain informed about your conditions. If you are in any inconvenience, please meet my friends.



1: In the absence of Maqbool Bhat, the difficulties and problems of his uncle Abdul Aziz Bhat had increased and he felt greatly about it. Abdul Aziz Bhat was Maqbool’s the paternal uncle. Both of them migrated from Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan-administered Kashmir in 1957 and subsequently settled in Peshawar. Abdul Aziz Bhat by profession was a tailor. He died in Peshawar in 1991 and lays buried there.


2: The house was sold as per the instructions of Maqbool Bhat.


3: Peer Abdullah Shah is a Kashmir immigrant who currently lives in Landi Kotal, Peshawar. Bhat during his stay in Peshawar had borrowed two thousand rupees from him at some time which he was could not pay. He was worried about this debt even during the time of his imprisonment.


4: Maqbool Bhat married twice.



0 #1 Shafqat Ramzan Wani 2014-02-08 15:22
I read the Bhat letter today n i hv no words to say that becoz my eyes full vd tears ...n my hand not running to typ perfactly .....I realy thank full to u fot dis information...

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