Afzal Guru's letter to brother Hilal


Dear brother Hilal, Asalamuaalikum,


Salam to Hadi, Rabia, Lali and to all. May Allah grant you patience and eemaan, aameen. By the grace of God I am well. Showkat is with me. He often talks about you.


I want to tell you unless Allah does not wish, position, condition and the place of the man cannot change, so always ask Allah for help. He helps everyone. He is the creator of everything and he is the most merciful.


A man who leaves his home early in the morning just to earn bread for the family is actually in the Allah’s way, it is a great worship. Earning bread for the family by pious means is a great worship.


Seek help from Allah through prayers, he never disappoints the man who raises his hands for help from him. Ask Lali as well not to forget offering Salaat when she rises from sleep in the morning.  Sins are the biggest crime in this world, always ask Allah for mercy and eemaan.


Responsibility of the kids is on you, so take care of their education. Beg before Allah to forgive your sins. Give my Salam to all dears and neighbors particularly to Hameed, Fayaz Gada, Nazir. Hilal don’t forget to write a letter to me.


Your own Afzal


(Hilal Guru, younger brother of late Muhammad Afzal Guru, who was arrested along with Afzal and Showkat Guru at Parimpora in Srinagar on December 15, 2001)


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