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Questioning the disaster management

This year's floods are one of the worst to have hit Jammu and Kashmir in the living memory and certainly the worst that I have ever experienced in my life time. Without exception, almost every part of

  • Arshid Bashir Akhoon
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I lost track of my beloved city

Seen a war ravaged city, overrun by a tempest and then forgotten to ruins? A city, once beautiful now uprooted by the night and cut open like a cadaver to obliteration? My city, on the throes of drown

  • Saadut Hussain
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Kashmir: why we must sacrifice time and money this Eid

Eid ul Azha will be celebrated, like the whole world, in Kashmir in the next week. The only difference is that, this time it will be more of a ceremonial Eid rather than a celebrational one. With the

  • Srinagar: KD
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Why I filed plea for details of Afzal Guru's hanging

Human life is perhaps the most precious gift of the nature, which many describe as the Almighty. This is the reason why it is argued that if you cannot give life, you do not have the right to take it.

  • Paras N Singh
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Seven reasons for floods in Srinagar

Kashmir has been devastated by raging floods. While the human toll is yet to be ascertained, the over-all loss to property, infrastructure and business is estimated to be one lakh crores of Rupees. Ou

  • By Abdul Majid Zargar
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Srinagar: an assessment of damage

As the floodwaters recede in flood-ravaged Kashmir, the scale of the devastation is unraveling. Living life in tents is miserable, the affected families face the biggest challenge as they have been le

  • Tahir Ibn Manzoor
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Text of appeal by Mirwaiz to OIC

To: H.E. Mr. Iyad Ameen Madani, 


Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)


CC: Respected Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Niger (The OIC Contact Gro

  • Mirwaiz Umar Farooq
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I am Kashmir, I shall rise again

No. My emancipation does not hide beneath the grimness of delusionary pages of history. I stand vindicating my own truth: sometimes on narrow streets while throwing stone of courage; sometimes inside

  • Iqbal Sonaullah
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Kashmir University Relief Camp: deconstructing myths

Contextualization is an important component in ascertaining the facts about any event happened in history. I am writing this column from the very relief camp which was initiated by students of Kashmir

  • Mehraj-ud-din Bhat
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Kashmir floods: a guide to relief

On the 15th day since the devastative floods in Kashmir the communication network has got restored to some extent and I am able to use email to communicate. The dire need of the hour seems that the re

  • Ahmad Kashmiri
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Kashmir floods: witnessing the disaster

Calamities teach us harsh lessons of life that come at a great irreparable loss.


Days of downpour by September 4 was so unrelenting that many courtyards resembled small ponds. Every water channel in

  • Saadut Hussain
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Kashmir floods: letter to Barkha Dutt


Barkha Dutt


New Delhi


Dear Barkha Dutt,


I feel sufficiently outraged to write this letter to protest your coverage of the floods in Jammu and Kashmir. 


To use the Army’s relief effo

  • By Seema Kazi
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Stories untold: rediscovering Kargil’s forgotten past

Stories untold: rediscovering Kargil’s forgotten past

“If the place is not recognised
It is from where the whole land is seen”

-The Gesar Saga


For those who have lived through an extensively televised Kargil war, perhaps still think of it is a garrison t

  • Muzammil Hussain Munshi
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Name of Muslim group in Myanmar goes unspoken

Myanmar’s downtrodden Rohingya Muslims have been denied citizenship, targeted in deadly sectarian violence and corralled into dirty camps without aid. To heap on the indignity, Myanmar’s government is

  • By Matthew Pennington
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Gaza crisis: who are they?

The most recent massacre by the omnipotent Zionist state has slouched to an end, 1,800-plus murders to its credit. The gory scenes of bloodshed and mutilated bodies of innocent children are petrifying

  • Mehraj Ahmad
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Poll boycott – my only option

If we look at elections all over the world, one can see every party has its own election manifesto. So is the case with parties in Kashmir. All parties that participate in assembly elections assure vo

  • Baseer Abbas
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Children of a lesser God

Children of a lesser God

Could you imagine the wrath and fury of an American response to an attack in which 300,000 Americans, mostly civilians, were to lose their lives?


Unlike the US, a tragedy of similar proportions has

  • Murtaza Haider
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The anatomy of a Kashmir massacre: mass killings at Sailan

The Report: Today, on 3 August 2014, the 16th anniversary of a mass killing which took place in Sailan village, Poonch District, the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society in association with the Su

  • Report compiled by JKCCS
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