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Other-side of Modi’s assertive India

“Yeh Woh Hindustan Nahin Hai”, the sentence that was often repeated by Indian Prime Minister and his home minister Rajnath Singh during recent Indo-Pak stand-off. Whether this sentence is a reference

  • Dr Sheikh Showkat Hussain
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Kashmir: a case of dirty politics 

‘That Karakul cap looks nice on you Papa but Granddad bequeathed it to me when he died and beckoned me to wear it on first day at job’.   My father replied: ‘For today only my son I will use it to tak

  • Dr Abdul Majid Siraj
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Kashmir: The Visoka’s Curse!

The mythological curse seems to have stuck to Kashmiris over the ages!

Sajjad Lone seems to be nearing his “Achievable Nationhood” after forgetting the unachievable part! From the vision of an indepen

  • Mohammad Ashraf
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Nehru's perfidy in Kashmir

14th November, is the day when Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minster was born in 1889. In 1946, he became head of the interim Govt. with the title of Vice president of Executive Council. Upon

  • Abdul Majid Zargar
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Flooded Kashmir — a fortnight later

Kashmir has once again been vitiated — now by Nature. There has already been recent history of adversities of different hues. The poor Kashmiris somehow continue to be at the receiving end: from the t

  • Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood,
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What the floodwaters drowned in Kashmir?

What the floodwaters drowned in Kashmir?

The floodswaters that splashed large parts of Kashmir from the beginning of September 2014 drowned concocted myths along with it. The pro Indian political administration that the Indian State had put

  • Inam ul Rehman
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Drowning Kashmir: when life froze in Srinagar

Tragedies bring out the real in us; tragedies also unmask and rip off the façade from many pretentions. When waters were submerging Kashmir, the first thing that sunk were its governance systems, ever

  • Saadut Hussain
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What is the way out of Kashmir impasse?

India and Pakistan celebrated their 68 th independence day and Kashmir as usual served parchment for annual rejuvenation of nationalist fervor of both countries. The parchment (Kashmir) thus serves th

  • Latief Ahmad Dar
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BJP and the erosion of secularism in India

India has been declared a secular state by its written constitution and it is everyone’s duty to stand by and believe in this declaration. And yet recent political and social events have cast doubt on

  • Dr. Abdul Bari Naik
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Power of Indian money in global cricket

It is immaterial whether they lose the five-Test series at the Oval 1-3, 1-2, or tie 2-2, India will still return to England to play another five-match series four years from now. That’s the power of

  • By Veturi Srivatsa
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Israel and Saudi Arabia in a jam in Gaza

The US decision to launch limited air strikes to check the ISIS in Iraq and the Gaza initiatives in Cairo are obviously linked.


To understand the collective Arab panic over the Gaza ceasefire, an ov

  • Saeed Naqvi
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Gaza slaughter, Muslim causes and Kashmir

For Arabs self-preservation and power are more important than Muslims causes anywhere in the world in particular in Gaza or Kashmir (Kashmir is a Muslim majority cause). They are scared of one person

  • Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani
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Modi sends Advani, BJP old guard into exile

In the Hindu way of life, old age entails exile from home and hearth. As the Manu Smriti says, when a man sees "his skin wrinkled and his hair gray and when he sees the son of his son, then he should

  • Amulya Ganguli
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Uncovering the roots of Palestinian resistance

Last week’s Qalandia demonstration was the biggest since the first intifada – just why are Palestinians rising up in a manner that has not been seen for a decade or more?


Many of the protesters who

  • Rich Wiles
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India's two Gazas: one in parliament, another at UN

Sushma Swaraj's statement on Palestine in the Rajya Sabha so pleased Jerusalem that Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman thanked her that evening over the telephone. But the goodwill thus genera

  • Saeed Naqvi
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Blame game post NC-Congress split

 It needed the rout of the Lok Sabha polls for the National Conference and the Congress to realize they will fare better fighting the Jammu and Kashmir elections separately.


Each party -- members of

  • Sheikh Qayoom
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