Glimpses of enigmatic narrative

. By Azam Inqilabi

In July 1989, the group of four expeditionists including myself crossed the LOC in Mendhar sector at about 2 a.m. (night) and, after descending the pr…

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Finding elusive peace in Kashmir

. Umar Firdous Ahmad and Abdul Bari

Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory. And there are only two methods for the resolution of conflicts viz War and peaceful methods, War is not an…

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Muslims and Christmas

. Aga Syed Mudasir Rizvi

25th of December is celebrated as the Christmas by Christians throughout the world. Named after the birthday of Prophet Jesus Christ, on this day, all…

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Ashfaq Majid Wani: No 23

. Azam Inqalabi

Number 23 has a significance for the revolutionaries of South Asia. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayoom Khan, now about 90, was a 23-year-old revolutionary w…

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Is Hurriyat politics out of date?

. Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani

The principal duty of any leadership has remained to organize its narrative, launch it and take it to fruition. Kashmir politics too organised itself…

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