India-Pak cricket match: Kashmir students thrown out, varsity chief says ‘they should study in Pakistan’

. Srinagar: Adil Lateef | GNS

Kashmir students at the Swami Vivekananda Subharti University in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh have been thrown out of the varsity even after a group of local students allegedly thrashed them over celebrating Pakistan’s win over India in the Asia Cup match on Sunday.


The students said that all the Kashmir students were watching the Indo-Pak Asia cup match with the students of other parts of India in the campus on Sunday evening. However, trouble started when India lost the match and Kashmiri students celebrated the Pakistan’s victory.


“When Indian team was in stronger position, the Indian students were cheering. And when Pakistan team was in strong position, we cheered,” a 3rd year B Tech student wishing anonymity said. 


He said: “Finally when India lost, we cheered and this anguished and enraged our fellow Indian students.”


The angry Indian students, he said, started to thrash Kashmir students. He said had their senior not intervened, the enraged students would have ‘lynched’ them to death.


“They ruthlessly thrashed ten boys. Our seniors saved us from their wrath,” he said, adding: “When we went to the hostel to sleep, the students broke the window panes of our rooms. They terrorized us throughout the night.”


He said this morning the Indian students staged protests in the university campus demanding the ouster of the Kashmir students. Besides abusing, the student, he said, also accused Kashmir students of breaking window panes. He said succumbing to the pressure of the Indian students; the administration asked all the Kashmir students to leave the varsity.


“We were told to leave the university at the earliest. The administration also slapped a fine of Rs 5000 on us without any reason or rhyme. We’re being punished for supporting Pakistan cricket team,” he said.


“Around 5:45 pm, we were forced out of the varsity by the authorities. They are in no mood to listen to us. They have succumbed to the pressure of the fanatic students,” he added.


He said that at least 25 Kashmir students are studying different courses in the varsity.


Rabia Baaji, coordinator, Kashmir consultancy, which sends Kashmir students to outside institutes, said: she was not aware of the alleged thrashing of the Kashmir students or their ouster from the university.


“However, today evening, I received a mail from the chairman, Atul Krishna, of the university about the incident. They have mentioned that this year varsity has decided not to entertain any Kashmir student,” she said, adding “The varsity chairman has also written the Kashmir students should be sent to Pakistan for studies.”


Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Meerut, Aukar Singh, said he will look into the matter. “You have brought the issue in my notice and there is no need to worry” he said.


He denied that police have interfered in the issue so far.



0 #26 Irfan Ul Haq 2014-03-07 20:36
Actually I was really surprized, when I heard this. Didnt expected that from Indians. I have really good relations with Indians here. This is Sport, and it shoulnt result in war between people and nations. I find it very sad, that people are writing shit to each other, when we orginally have the same roots.
Respect to everybody, no matter, race, religion or background. May God bless everybody. Ameen
0 #25 Irfan Ul Haq 2014-03-07 20:35
@Ashu Chaudhary...With all respect to Indian, What Idont understand is why Indians, incl. you are bothered if these Kashmiri students cheered the Pakistani players. Theyre just studying.
Im Pakistani/Muslim, born and raised in Norway. When Iam In Sweden, and watch a match of Sweden vs Norway, And I cheer for for Norway. Swedish People dosent care, and dont start fighting, instead we elebrate together.
So what happened in India actually???? Why couldnt the Indians tolerate the defeat, and respected that, but they had to react somehow, and The students had to pay for it. Thats shame.
-1 #24 Salman 2014-03-07 11:49
@Mukesh: All hail the greates "demo-crazy" on earth, India. The great "Gangrapistan". You gangrapists. the great nation of gangrapes. ;£)
-1 #23 Sohail Khan 2014-03-06 22:49
Match Hare Hain Aag To Lage Gi Ek Lala Sab Par Bhari Hum Ne Team Ko Bahir Kiya To Yeh To Hona Hee Th@ Shame On YOu
0 #22 ankur 2014-03-06 17:15
first ask all people who got migrated forcefully from there ..than analyse the majority opnion without interfernce of pakistan..that should be worth....
i tried being very unbiased and feel everthing above does have elements valid points and there are so many bull shits we can talk but talking sense is always missing....provoking anytime anywhere can cause serious issues ..let it be cheering india in england being an england citizen should also not be acceptable by their public ...this is very easy to understand..if they are so much in love with india than they should never leave india is easy how people will react if provoked...
0 #21 ankur 2014-03-06 17:14
3. how come kashmir is only of muslim..there are several intellectual friends talking muslim and all talking about this thing..first of all indian army lost many soldiers just to make sure no blast in kashmir every year..they were introduced in valley when they were so many cases reported in nineties of terrorism which i believe everybody does know who aided...why pakistan was so interested in creating disturbance in valley ...if your beloved country would haven't done so disturbances in valley all people should have been happy....there was a reason they wanted threaten kashmiri you are talking about democracy and all but what about all those kashmiri pandits who were thrown out or killed ,,why double standards...i tell you why this is strategy so that influence people like only muslim lives there and they are now treated as slaves.. great here you claiming for democracy there you show completely ignorance...
0 #20 ankur 2014-03-06 17:13
2. Being in any part of world and claimed to support anti (known )arch rivals would definitely invite attention in other sense.. why it is very difficult to understand if you so dislike India and than what is the point of using Indian is very simple if they are in so much of love with some other country and than ideal choice for any benefit let it be education to should go to Pakistan...i don't think its a wrong choice to make as they being here using all facilities and still not appreciating is biggest concerns towards their loyalty to the soil on which they live... it is also worth to remind here back in 1950's when it was declared to be part of india they were under attack of pakistan and they were destroying this land which was than saved by indian army on thier call..tehy could have let them destroy that time and should not have invited indian army to save them.
0 #19 ankur 2014-03-06 17:11
have seen many intellectuals people talking here... cant say about how well are there statistics is but really got some concerns and valid concerns
1. its been said 1000 times by some muslims that they are not treated well (infact brutal) ,,, this is hilarious if taking some couple of incidents highlighted to a level and creating a nuisance wave on caste basis can be done by extremist minds...You live and do whatever you want but in agony of extremism dont mislead and interpenetrate in wrong issues with Muslims there are incidents with other peoples too and sometimes even muslims were also involved so on bigger picture if this should not be dealt on caste basis would help everybody ..otherwise we seriously getting dipper towards Talibani mindset.
-3 #18 Umair 2014-03-05 17:02
bitch hindus and their small banniya minds, always cheap. assh&&es just get out of our country Kashmir, let us live our lives the way we want. you can keep your country to your selves.
-1 #17 Saumik Mitra 2014-03-05 05:50
@umer Bashir; You can support any country during a match but if its India against pakistan then you must support INDIA. its a shame that i have to remind you that u r in India. if u have got so much issues please leave the country. We will be happy. If being a muslim u support Pakistan then start supporting Taliban too. Wake up or get lost. right decision taken by management. U r blessed that u r living in a country like india. u have so much freedom. If in Pakistan someone would have supported INDIA he would have been killed by now.

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