Kashmir youth arrested for stalking girl on cyberspace



A Kashmir youth was arrested by the police for allegedly stalking a girl on the internet, an official said here.

He said police received a complaint from a girl saying she was being stalked on the the internet. The girl in her complaint said she the cyber stalker was disseminating "obscene material" about her in the cyber space.

"The accused was running a fake Facebook account under the name “waseemdarokhil@yahoomail.com” on yahoo platform was run by the youth," he said.

A case FIR no: 90/2012 under Section 66 Information Technology Act was registered in police station, Shaheed Gunj. "The investigating team cracked the accounts and arrested the accused," he added.



+1 #2 alex 2013-01-01 06:28
i have seen this and noticed this that kashmir dispatch never exposes name of anyone in any case. there can be 2 reasons either kashmir dispatch getting money from such people not to disclose their names or the news is fake.

just go to the news archive and check wheter my facts are correct or not.
+5 #1 Meraj 2012-12-31 14:06
It was better to expose such scoudrels and make every body aware so that people are cautious in dealing with such scruplous persons. It is ridiculous to conceal these names. You will serve better if media exposes such persons without any prjudice.

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