Tech and Gadgets

Researchers hack into Gmail with 92 percent accuracy

A team of US engineers has developed a method that allows them to successfully hack into apps including Gmail up to 92 percent of the time. They have…
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Story in Pictures

Seven people killed as army truck rams into cab in Kashmir


Kashmir to host Federation Cup next year

The football fans of Jammu and Kashmir are all set to get a taste of top quality Indian club football as premier clubs like Mohun Bagan, East Bengal,…


Name of Muslim group in Myanmar goes unspoken

Myanmar’s downtrodden Rohingya Muslims have been denied citizenship, targeted in deadly sectarian violence and corralled into dirty camps without…

Literary Dispatch

The poetic physician: Momin and his art

It is an unfortunate occurrence that if there are many outstanding literary figures in any era, only one or two will figure in the general public…


Why occupation fails in Afghanistan but succeeds in Kashmir and Palestine

On July 31, 2014, Kashmir entered its 27th year of armed conflict with the Indian state. While armed struggle has receded over the years, the power…

Photo Feature

Photo feature: down the Afarwat slopes

In the famous tourist resort Gulmarg, less than six miles from the volatile ceasefire line that divides Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan,…


Ebola toll rises to 1,350: WHO

The death toll due to the Ebola virus continues to rise in West Africa and currently stands at 1,350, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said. Of…