Literary Dispatch

The life of Modern Nero

. Inam ul Rehman

Book: The NAMO Story, A Political Life Author: Kingshuk Nag Publisher: Roli Books  Pages: 188
In the year 1992, we shifted to one of our uncle’s home…

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Negative solitude

. Ishrat Matoo

When the thick black cloud of pain 

Down the rugged peaks of heart 

Drove the doves of bliss away 

And the feeling of being abandoned

in the midst o…

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Thank You! Aga Shahid

. Mirza Tufael Hussain

Dear Shahid,

What Agonises me  More;

Is You! Among Our Unsung Heroes.

And Eyes that Now Weep Blood? Futile!

I among This Ungrateful Nation.

Thank Yo…

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An appetite for love

. Mubashir Karim


I have developed

An appetite for love

In love

I want to turn

The whole valley

Into a paper clip


In love

I want to drink the stars

Eat the…

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What do I remember

. Ishrat Bashir Matoo

What do I remember

Of disgrace, of pain

Or  of joy, of grace?

The  last leaf trembled

At the tip of my pencil.

The offering was the whole of autumn.…

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You - the only solace

. Syed Rabe'a Bukhari


Through how many such ray less nights

While scratching corroded wounds

Have I been writing to You

In obscure, blurry ink

By the shade of an onerou…

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the Sinner, the Witness

. Aalia Shaikh




a voice broken from its body
to winds clinging; drifting wayward
its hoarseness spiking hair on necks, bristling skins

a banshee-call haunting t…

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. Syed Rabe'a Bukhari

Pieces of my broken soul still cling to you

Drooping breaths from frail limbs of life

Moonbeams, like quicksilver, skid down my ashen face

I see the…

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At the foothills

. Uzma Falak

I gather my summer dreams

tuck them in longing

while I wait for winter—my savior

at the foothills.


I carry satchel of dreams on my shoulders

and w…

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The vapory noose

. Syed Rabe'a Bukhari

Away from din and delusion of the city

When evening skids down my glum shoulders

And darkness stalks

Like a lost sobbing child

Rambling down a bligh…

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Akin to a weary traveler

. Rabe'a Bukhari




“If dust had an alphabet, I would learn.”
- Aga Shahid Ali

Erelong, descrying a golden blush
When soft orange rays
Of an evening sun
Melding with…

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