Literary Dispatch


. Syed Rabe'a Bukhari




Last drops of adieu

Hang about pendulous lids

Of a tired evening.

Breezy evening of a strange summer

Flutters empty like a beggar’s cloak


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Narrating agony

. Bilal Ahmad

The Half Mother, by Shahnaz Bashir

Hachette India, 2014


The life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short, wrote Thomas Hobbes while des…

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Negative solitude

. Ishrat Matoo

When the thick black cloud of pain 

Down the rugged peaks of heart 

Drove the doves of bliss away 

And the feeling of being abandoned

in the midst o…

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Thank You! Aga Shahid

. Mirza Tufael Hussain

Dear Shahid,

What Agonises me  More;

Is You! Among Our Unsung Heroes.

And Eyes that Now Weep Blood? Futile!

I among This Ungrateful Nation.


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Sword and Karakuli

. By Nahidah Khalid

Ask me, not, my name

A soul, like you

I’m on sale

From the land

Of, no more, saints

Where death has no end

And despair is nurtured

A doctrine

By the…

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