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Of Memory and Desire

Of Memory and Desire



Often when this lazy moon here
(A fluorescent smear on black skin of night)
Rises slowly
From behind this winter blighted tree
And mist of silence
Hanging between its solitary branches
Percolates into

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

A poem of a Palestinian child

Don’t cry now Ummi, don’t cry now, rest now Ummi, sleep,

It’s over Ummi, no more pain, no more suffering, no more grief.


I see the fear in your eyes Ummi, thinking what’s going to become of me,


  • Zeyara
  • Category: Poetry





Last drops of adieu

Hang about pendulous lids

Of a tired evening.

Breezy evening of a strange summer

Flutters empty like a beggar’s cloak

Growing darker- stroke by stroke

Like a painters mixing

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

Sword and Karakuli

Ask me, not, my name

A soul, like you

I’m on sale

From the land

Of, no more, saints

Where death has no end

And despair is nurtured

A doctrine

By the devil, and the angel

Where Nobles’ vanity

Is a treas

  • By Nahidah Khalid
  • Category: Poetry

Negative solitude

When the thick black cloud of pain 

Down the rugged peaks of heart 

Drove the doves of bliss away 

And the feeling of being abandoned

in the midst of tulips and daffodils

Felt like blue flame on the p

  • Ishrat Matoo
  • Category: Poetry

Why is the city of heart so restive tonight?

Why is the city of heart so restive tonight?

The dweller is long gone, it feels strange


Whom that you befriend over the ages eternal

When suddenly bestows grace it feels strange


She has seen red r

  • Ishrat Matoo
  • Category: Poetry

Thank You! Aga Shahid

Dear Shahid,

What Agonises me  More;

Is You! Among Our Unsung Heroes.

And Eyes that Now Weep Blood? Futile!

I among This Ungrateful Nation.

Thank You for Provoking Poets in Us.

Rest in Peace.




  • Mirza Tufael Hussain
  • Category: Poetry

An appetite for love


I have developed

An appetite for love

In love

I want to turn

The whole valley

Into a paper clip


In love

I want to drink the stars

Eat the moonbeams

And lick the spicy roses


In love

I want

  • Mubashir Karim
  • Category: Poetry


Pieces of my broken soul still cling to you

Drooping breaths from frail limbs of life

Moonbeams, like quicksilver, skid down my ashen face

I see them quivering and squirming

In tiny puddles of lashing

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

What do I remember

What do I remember

Of disgrace, of pain

Or  of joy, of grace?

The  last leaf trembled

At the tip of my pencil.

The offering was the whole of autumn.

Wine-press and the Chinars

But the fire kept blazin

  • Ishrat Bashir Matoo
  • Category: Poetry

At the foothills

I gather my summer dreams

tuck them in longing

while I wait for winter—my savior

at the foothills.


I carry satchel of dreams on my shoulders

and wander uphill

while my weary thoughts rest

at the foo

  • Uzma Falak
  • Category: Poetry

You - the only solace


Through how many such ray less nights

While scratching corroded wounds

Have I been writing to You

In obscure, blurry ink

By the shade of an onerous yellow moon

That hangs by my window

Like an antiqu

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

The vapory noose

Away from din and delusion of the city

When evening skids down my glum shoulders

And darkness stalks

Like a lost sobbing child

Rambling down a blighted wild,

Weeping clouds accumulate

And sky of my me

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

Akin to a weary traveler




“If dust had an alphabet, I would learn.”
- Aga Shahid Ali

Erelong, descrying a golden blush
When soft orange rays
Of an evening sun
Melding with gentle twilight blue
Bathed the distant creek
Into a c

  • Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

the Sinner, the Witness




a voice broken from its body
to winds clinging; drifting wayward
its hoarseness spiking hair on necks, bristling skins

a banshee-call haunting them
people huddling under collars; shifty-eyed

  • Aalia Shaikh
  • Category: Poetry

Kashmir. March. Ice and Sun.




Breaking bones on shrouded nails

Mute deponents
Imbricating loess into a sapping mouth, underneath.

Mouth smokes history. Smoke binds
These memory splattered dices, woebegone! And there
Balancing o

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

Shadows of Curfew

Shadows of Curfew




Morning with fade lights
Birds fly with hidden plights
Vehicles adorned with red lights
Announcing the curfew for Valleyites

Wake up with sweat face
The nightmare I thought was the real pain

  • Faraqshaan Hameed
  • Category: Poetry

I am Guru




I have long been born for now
Weary of space and hour
Knitting the shards of existence
Into silence
Around a turbulent self
Roaring and screeching
Ever over reaching
The strongest walls of mortal fancy

  • Syed Rabe'a Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry

Shall I ever talk




Gather the pieces rendered asunder
The day morose city melted
Against a bruised gaze,
Glints of vision punctured
The only unaided eye
Battling rivers, in the days gone by.

Moments conspired, thus was

  • Rabia Bukhari
  • Category: Poetry