Kashmir caged: day's best pictures

. Srinagar: Yawar Kabli

Here are  some of the best pictures from the day Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his maiden visit to conflict-torn Jammu and Kashmir. Picture by Kashmir Dispatch photo editor Yawar Kabli.


0 #2 Uzma F 2014-07-04 19:45
Brilliant photos. Welcome back Yawar Kabli!
0 #1 karmat 2014-07-04 14:15
No amount of demonstration , violence ,curfew ,shutdowns will help india or kashmiris , only option is to settle this bilaterally as involving pakistan will enlarge the issue and kashmiris will not be able to focus on their problems but pakistan will bring their demands to the table too.

Kashmiris should ensure peace and focus on their development and human rights under ambit of indian constitution as independence of kashmir is not in the interest of india or kashmiris .

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