Albert Pujols, the cardinals agreed to the deal

Jupiter, Fla. – When Albert Pujols He confirmed that this would be the last season of his unquestioned Hall of Fame career – and with the same Cardinals setting it would start, it would come right where he enjoyed his greatest success – and he stressed. This is not some ritual, nostalgic tourism The Hollywood genre is complete with endings.

No, Pujols is coming back to the Cardinals Red squad and trying to be one of the game’s most feared sluggers, and he’s here to help push St. Louis to another World Series Championship, he said again on Monday after rejoining his former squad – year contract. The terms of the deal have not been announced, but a source told’s Mark Feinsand that it was worth $ 2.5 million.

Time will tell whether the 42-year-old Pujols will be able to evoke the same kind of magic he did when he won two championships, three MVP awards and 10 consecutive hits in 2001-11 with the Cardinals. .300 and smash 30 or more home runs. With a dazzling steel glare and pumped mood that turned out to be identical during his first run in St. Louis, Pujols said he hopes to get out of this final run in a jersey featuring bat birds.

“For me, I think I’m here for a reason,” Pujols said, as he walked off the right-field fence at Roger Dean Stadium and walked the foul line to join his Cardinals team in the dugout. Their 2-1 defeat to Astros. “They believe I can still play this game, and they hope this system can help me win a championship. I, myself, believe it too.”

Pujols – one of the cardinals’ richest players in history, along with Hall of Famer Stan Museum, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and Ozzy Smith – rejoined the franchise when catcher Yadier Molina enters his 19th year. And final season, and pitcher Adam Winewright may be out as well. Winewright, who conceded two runs in four innings in five innings on Monday, hopes Pujols will be on a mission to show plenty of leftovers in the tank as a hitter.

“He looks like he’s in good shape, and he’s motivated,” Weinwright said, noting that on Monday Pujols woke him up with a “bear hug” from his premature sleep.

“If Albert gets motivated at any time, it’s a very, very dangerous thing to do,” Wynride said. “He’s motivated to show people that he’s not too old or up the hill. I do not think he should be nostalgic for this; he wants to go out and prove something. It’s good to put that chip on your shoulder. Not very lovable but he wants to prove himself.

Cardinals owner Bill Dwight Jr. saw an immediate response from the addition of Pujols – the number when he arrived at team headquarters on Monday morning. 5 saw a fan wearing a jersey. David Jr. called the signing “the highlight of spring.”

Pujols was ashamed of his 21 home runs in season 21 and scored 700 – much of that damage from his historic run in 11 seasons with the Cardinals. He scored 328 and scored 445 home runs with the Redfords, was named All-Star nine times and won the Gold Glove twice.

Pujols, who left St. Louis in 2011, signed a 10-year, $ 240 million free-agent contract with the Angels, emotionally returning to St. Louis in recent years while playing for the Anaheim and Los Angeles Dodgers. The current Cardinals Dakota Hudson and JA Happ in 2019 before and after doing their homecoming last season – the numerous accolades he received from Cardinals fans – allowed him to dream again about returning to St. Louis.

“There was always hope, so you would never close the door,” Pujols said. “The system never closed me, and I never closed the door. This is a great opportunity. Everything always happens in God’s time, and now is the perfect time. I’m back here and I’m so excited.

Weinwright, who played for Pujols in St. Louis from 2005-11, said home runs at Bush Stadium in recent years had put him in a very bad position. On the one hand, he wanted to be supportive of his fellow Cardinals pitchers, but he was also very happy for his close friend.

“We’ve never had hard feelings,” Weinwright said, acknowledging that he has been forcing management in recent days to sign back into Bujols. “With the fans, a lot of time seemed to have passed and it seemed like there was water under the bridge.

“They were glad to see him, and when he scored that home run, it was always Albert’s thing. Home run left, but it’s one of the best things I’ll ever seen;

As if he needed any extra motivation, Pujols said knowing that this would be his final season would motivate him to finish in style – hoping the World Series Cup was lifted over his head.

“This is me, this is my last run,” Pujols said honestly. “Those guys, [Molina and Wainwright], Had a huge impact on me, and we have a great history together. Now, we want to add it to our history. We hope to be able to do that this year and lift that championship trophy. If we could do that, it would be very special for us.

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