Anthony Renton undergoes season-end wrist surgery

Angels third paceman Anthony Renton The team has announced that he will have surgery on his right wrist next week. The process will set Rennon aside for the rest of the 2022 season.

Rendon spent two weeks on the same wrist injury list earlier this season, and he missed the last two games after the problem intensified again. Angels manager Bill Nevin announced yesterday that Renton was a pinch-hitting possibility, so today’s news comes as an unpleasant surprise, and further testing revealed a more serious problem with Renton’s wrist.

This marks the second consecutive season that Randon has had his surgery reduced, as he underwent hip surgery last August, ending his 2021 season prematurely. That year had already been shortened by several trips to the IL for hip, knee and thigh injuries, and Rendon’s waist eventually bore the brunt of what he was trying to compensate for other lower-body problems.

Renton will finish the season with 228 / .324 / .383 slash line and 188 blades over five home runs. While working with the Nationals on his first Angels season in 2020 or even his first Angels season, it worked for an above-average offensive production (106 wRC +), with Renton scoring only 235/327/383 at 437 PA and playing only 103 games. .

Angels signed Randon to a seven-year, $ 245MM free agent deal in December 2019, and in addition to Randon’s strong performance in the abbreviated 2020 campaign, the deal already shows signs of joining the Albert Bujols, Josh Hamilton and Justin Upton deals. Precious false attacks in the recent history of the Angels. Rendon still has four years left, but he turned 32 earlier this month and has now missed two seasons.

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