Athletes receiving full Oklahoma effect on Day 2 of the PGA Championship

TULSA, Okla – The cold front and winds that were forecast to blow at 40 mph on day 2 of the PGA Championship prompted officials to leave the lush space of the Southern Hills.

“Due to high winds, greens will not be cut today at all training and golf courses,” players were told in a text message early Friday.

Winds are expected to reach 20 mph throughout the day, followed by 40 mph in the morning, followed by thunderstorms at 5 pm. Overnight storms are forecast to include hail and heavy rain.

Full-field scores from the PGA Championship

This is the first time in the modern era of the PGA Championship that greens have not been cut between rounds, said Kerry Hike, chief championship officer of the United States.

“They’s a little slow, obviously, but I think it’s a good decision to keep it that way. .Five in the lead after 67 runs in the second round. “I think this is very fair.”

Not everyone is happy.

“I mean, we’re playing a big championship, not a monthly medal,” said Tyrell Hutton, who sits 68 for a 2 under 7 lead. “You know, they [bouncing] Everywhere. Very difficult to drill. So you can hit a great boot and they don’t seem to go in, it’s hard to accept when we play in a big championship.

“In my view, I hope the greens will be good over the weekend. But I need to hit more decent shots to give the birds a chance to make it, so see where it takes us.”

The US PGA has not announced the green pace and some players, especially the number. Places 9, 10 and 18 were warned early in the week that they might not be able to play due to the sharp decline.

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