Biden News Today: President opens oil reserves to tackle gas prices, Putin appears to be ‘self-isolated’ and skeptical of Ukraine’s retreat

‘I say enough’, Biden announces ‘use it or lose it’ policy for oil lease on federal land

President Joe Biden has ordered the release of 1 million barrels a day of oil from strategic oil reserves for the next six months in a bid to curb rising prices since the United States and its allies imposed severe sanctions on Russia.

The announcement comes after the White House and the Pentagon said senior advisers to Vladimir Putin were misrepresenting the progress of the war. Moreover, they warned that Russian troops could be withdrawn from areas near Kiev and re-deployed for further fighting.

Meanwhile, the president points out Transgender Vision DayIt proclaimed “to celebrate the activism and determination that fueled the struggle for transgender equality” and “to acknowledge the continuing suffering and discrimination that transgender communities face in our nation and around the world” – led by various Republicans. States legislate directly targeting those who are not gendered, including children.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden also gave a talk on the status of the corona virus infection, announcing the launch of the Central Website for Evidence, before receiving a second booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine. The CIA director is the latest person in the administration to test positive for the virus, and he met with the president the day before – even though they were distant and wearing masks.


The next gen sock?

Kate BeddingfieldIntroduced on White House This week the press conference room came under impossible circumstances – the bench of his two colleagues due to Covit-19 – but could lead to greater visibility Joe BidenVin is a long-time coms director.

“I know I’m not the redhead you’m used to see on this platform, but I hope you’re familiar with me,” 40-year-old Ms Beddingfield joked to reporters at her first conference on Tuesday.

Report by John Boden from Washington, DC

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Biden calls for ‘use or lose’ policy on oil lease on federal land: ‘I say enough’

President Joe Biden Scored on Thursday Oil Companies have refused to increase production to offset shortages caused by the removal of Russian oil from US markets.

Calls for a crisis arising from Russia’s unprovoked invasion Ukraine Mr Biden said the “crisis and danger to the world and bump pain for American families” was that the rise in oil and gas prices caused by the US embargo on Russian oil could be a “moment of patriotism” for domestic oil. Producers.

Andrew Feinberg is the latest The Independent From Washington DC.

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ICYMI: New Govt funded by Biden: “This is not discrimination, this is medicine”

Joe Biden warned yesterday that Congress had recently refused to provide billions of dollars in new funding for the government’s Govt-19 response effort, and that the consequences would be severe if the money did not come soon.

There is the story of Andrew Feinberg.

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Pelosi: Ginny Thomas is a ‘proud addition to the conspiracy’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Issued a stern rebuke to the Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas On Thursday it became clear that the Supreme Court’s ethical standards and procedures were subject to historical scrutiny.

At his weekly press conference, the House Democratic leader told reporters that he did not believe Mr Thomas should have joined the court in the first place and that his wife had been revealed to be “acknowledged and proud contributor to the conspiracy of our country.” ”.

These comments are due to the text messages sent by Ginny Thomas, some of the harshest criticisms ever made by a top Democratic leader.White House Chief Mark Mark Meadows continues before and after the January 6 attacks.

Report by John Boden from Washington, DC

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As gas and food prices rise, a key inflation measure sets a 40-year high

An inflation criterion is closely monitored Federal Reserve Prices of food, petrol and other essential commodities rose sharply, up 6.4% in February from a year earlier. Americans‘Finance.

The figure was announced Thursday Department of Commerce This is the largest annual increase since January 1982. Excluding volatile prices for food and energy, so-called core inflation rose to 5.4% in February from 12 months earlier.

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Citing race, the judge attacked certain parts of the Florida Electoral Act

A federal judge attacked part of the area Florida Last year’s election law was passed, the Republican-led government says in a ruling Thursday that it uses subtle tactics to suppress it. Black Voters.

The law tightened the rules on postal ballots, drop-boxes and other popular electoral systems – overall, making the changes much more difficult for black voters with socioeconomic disadvantages than for white voters, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker wrote in his ruling.

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Activists celebrate Biden’s announcement of gender X for US passports and neutral airport scanners

The human rights movement has praised White HouseAttempts by transgender people to claim that LGBT + people “have a partner in the White House”.

“The news of the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to policy reforms to improve the lives of transgender and non – binary people in this country is a wonderful way to start this year’s International Transgender Sight Day,” said Johnny Madison, the campaign’s interim leader. Said in a statement.

President Joe Biden The new gender will mark the X marker in the applications To us Passports on Thursday, as well as gender-neutral airport scanners, in addition to other measures aimed at making the federal government more transgender inclusive.

Report by Gustav Glander from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 22:45


Energy Secretary’s report on gas price hike

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Cronhome has issued the following statement on President Joe Biden’s historic response to rising gas prices as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues.

The Department of Energy will implement President Biden’s authorization to immediately release one million barrels a day for six months from strategic petroleum reserves, and we will coordinate with our international partners and partners to join us in releasing additional oil from strategic reserves. This is the Biden-Harris administration’s latest move to reduce energy costs for working families, including yesterday’s DOE announcement of nearly $ 3.2 billion for home weather through bilateral infrastructure legislation. The Department of Energy supports President Biden’s decision to use the Defense Production Act to increase U.S. production of vital minerals to build our clean energy supply chains. Putin’s actions in Ukraine and the disruption of global energy markets have demonstrated the urgent need to accelerate our clean energy transition, making our country more energy free and less vulnerable to dictatorial preferences. The Department of Energy and this management are actively investing in a variety of clean energy technologies that will grow our economy, create better paying jobs, lower costs for American households and combat the climate crisis.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 22:33


Donald Trump has rejected the false claim that he ‘built’ oil reserves

Former President Donald TrumpHis administration’s recent claim that it has “restructured” US strategic oil reserves, which have been “almost empty” for half a century, is a complete lie. U.S. Department of Energy records.

Andrew Feinberg explains.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 22:25


Russia’s state television calls Kabard ‘our friend Tulsi’

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