Chicago White Sox close friend Liam Hendrix tore down the ‘illusion’ Josh Donaldson for the ‘jockey’ comment to Tim Anderson.

Josh Donaldson He says he’s joking ‘when he mentions it Tim Anderson As a “jockey”, but a member of the Chicago White Socks did not buy the former MVP’s description.

“Usually you have jokes with people you’re familiar with, not with strangers,” White Socks said intimately. Liam Hendrix On Sunday, an exchange of views between Donaldson and Anderson sparked an incident that led to the removal of benches at Yankee Stadium. “So that statement was a complete bullshit —.”

Donaldson admitted to calling Anderson a “jockey” after Saturday’s game – a nod to Jackie Robinson – in the first inning. The Yankees third paceman apologized, saying he had no insults.

But Anderson, who is black, said Saturday that Donaldson’s comments offended him and were “disrespectful” and “unnecessary.” Hendrix echoed those sentiments before the clubs started the dual title on Sunday afternoon.

“We are in this clubhouse [Anderson’s] Then and everything – that’s totally unacceptable, “said Hendrix.” Again, [the Yankees] They try to clear it up as a joke inside – no, it’s horses —. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to them. … It’s like having a joke on the inside with a guy who is an enemy, I think you can tell.

“But it’s not like that in this clubhouse, I do not understand how [Donaldson] Occasionally thought so. This is a straightforward illusion. “

Donaldson, who is in white, said he had a “jockey” concept for his 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated, in which Anderson described himself as “today’s Jackie Robinson”. . “Donaldson said it was a reference to” making fun “of Anderson in the past.

A source told ESPN’s Alton Gonzalez that Major League Baseball is investigating the matter and talking to all parties involved. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Sunday he did not think Donaldson should have made the comment.

“I do not believe there was any malicious intent in that matter,” Boone told reporters. “But you know, in my opinion, he’s not going anywhere.”

White Sox manager Tony La Rossa said on Saturday that he thought Donaldson’s comment was “racist” and elaborated on the situation a day later, saying he was “interested” to see if the Yankees were talking about the incident.

“I’m really interested to see what the Yankee system has to say,” La Rusa said. “What I’m saying here really does not matter. I saw what Aaron said – he’s between a rock and a hard place.”

Hendrix also said he expects more response from the Yankees.

“Two of our guys made sure a couple of guys in their clubhouse knew exactly what was going on,” Hendrix said. “So even if it’s an internal thing that needs to happen on their side, today we show, we’re doing what we came here for – we have a chance to win two games at Yankee Stadium.”

Anderson was knocked out of La Rusa by Chicago’s Game 1 line-up after he said it made “no sense” to play both games of the former AL batting champion doubles team.

Donaldson scraped with Anderson after putting a hard tag on the White Sox Star shortstop in Chicago on May 13, and he responded with a dump, resulting in the destruction of benches and lawns. Donaldson said on Saturday that he was “trying to alleviate” the lingering tension as players crossed paths early in the game.

In the third inning, Donaldson circled the second inning after the final. Boone was taken off the field by Donaldson, while Anderson was led by third-level coach Joe McQueen.

“[Donaldson] He knows exactly what he’s doing, “said Hendrix.” He thought it had to be right. He did not expect immediate consequences. “

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