How Jedi Vance won in Ohio: a Trump endorsement, a Fox News platform and money

Mr. When advertisements in support of Vance began to run, he gained traction, albeit backward. By April 4, his Super PAC, Mr. Mr Vance issued a note saying he was no longer “primarily associated” with previous criticisms of Trump.

“The Jedi showed a lot of flexibility in this race – and when the political class in the Beltway wrote earlier this year that he was dead in the water, he was back in the race to win President Trump’s approval and eventually win with his absolute determination. Said, he co-chaired Mr. Vance’s campaign with Jay Chabria.

In fact, Mr. Mr. Vance on how he handled himself on television. In a discussion, Mr. Mandel and Mr. When Gibbons went toe to toe, Mr. Vance scolded them, got up above the fight – and Mr. Impressed Trump.

Mr. Trump was at the golf course, Mr. He was editing his statement in support of Vance, when he was due to be released, NBC News reported. Mr. Some of Trump’s advisers have been working with Mr Vance’s opponents to persuade the former president not to, but the report confirmed his decision.

Mr. Vance also benefited from a more accurate picture of the electorate.

Mr. of Club for Growth. McIntosh, Mr. Trump has repeatedly argued that the former president’s voter, Mr. Anthony Fabricio, who also works for Vance, said the Ohio primary electorate was being misled.

Mr Vance received 26 percent of the vote in last week’s poll for Club for Growth. Mr. In Fabricio’s poll, Mr. Vance had 32 percent.

Mr. Vance finished with 32.2 percent.

Jeff Rowe, a Republican strategist who worked with the Club for Growth in Ohio, said Mr. Trump called and agreed. Mr. He described the former president as “100 percent responsible” for Vance’s victory. Told Trump, someone who described the conversation.

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Mr. Vance thanked Donald Trump Jr., Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson and, of course, the former president.

Reported by Shane Goldmecher from Cincinnati and Maggie Heberman from New York.

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