Kansas, after winning national title, braces for NCAA trial

When you overcome the 15-point half-time deficit against a team that is one of the best in match history, you are a worthy champion. Kansas fell 40-25 at the break, then started the second half 31-10 with a 56-50 lead. Even then, the Thar Heels were unbeaten, taking a 69-68 lead at 1:41 before taking the last four points of the Kansas game.

Championship Bill Selfin II, First arrived in San Antonio 14 years ago. In that title game, Jayhawks chased down Memphis by nine points at 2:12, before Mario Chambers’ buzzer-beating three-pointer equalized in extra time.

Halfway through that shelf returned to that memory while talking to her players. “I asked them, ‘What do you think is the hardest way to get down in two minutes to nine minutes or at least 15 in 20 minutes?'” He said. “They all said it was nine in two minutes.”

But now, the result finally appears in view, and it could affect the national champions. Kansas has been charged with five major violations of NCAA rules. These penalties can range from a shelf-to-wrist suspension to suspending the program from next season’s match.

Is the last NCAA champion not allowed to go twice in a row? Kansas, 1989. The Jayhawks were banned from playing the following season for violations committed under Larry Brown, who coached his team to the national title in 1988 and then went on to the NBA. Roy Williams Obstacles were left to overcome In his first season.

The only team to be eliminated from the championship Rick Pitino’s 2013 Louisville team. The banner earned by Kansas on Monday night will not come down: violations have occurred before any of last season’s players were involved in the program.

Of course nothing was said about that Monday night. For two hours, Dar Heels and Jay Hawks all remembered, as Tony Larusa once said about baseball, “The game is better than all of us.”

Apparently, coach Hubert Davis and his players did not see it. If they want to end this season with ultimate happiness, they know they have to win one more.

The Tar Heels took a 16-0 lead 38-22 in the first half, with Brady Manek, a 6-foot-9 sixth-year transfer from Oklahoma, triggering a rise through a pair of three from the left. . Duke dominated inside Armando Pagot, a 6-10 rebounding machine who returned an ankle late in the game. He finished with 38 points and 15 rebounds in 38 minutes.

At that point, the team saw the Kansas gas out. Center David McCormick was in trouble, and the exterior footage did not identify them. This is not a pretty game. The winning team made 29 for 66 off the field and went out 55-35. But the losers were 23 for 73 from the field, including a terrible 5 for 23 on three point attempts. Carolina’s guards, the most important of the five victories they had until Monday night, could not find the last limit.

“They really attacked us in the second half, attacking defensively,” Davis said. “Confirmed that nothing is easy for us.”

In fact, nothing was easier for either team. After its 16-0 rise, Carolina split the two halves 34-12. From there, the teams watched to the end.

After losing a crushing home to Duke on Feb. 5, Thar Heels was 16-7, and it’s worth noting that fans on social media boards have called for Davis to lose his job. From there, North Carolina won 13 of its next 15 games, including two massive wins against the Duke, and Davis lost one win to become the second coach in history to win the title in his first season. Steve Fisher of Michigan took charge of Bill Frieder at the start of the 1989 tournament and won six straight games and a championship. Even after Monday’s loss, there will be no calls for Davis to be expelled from the Dor Heel believers.

Kansas stumbled in the winter, especially on January 29 with an embarrassing 80-62 defeat against Kentucky. The Jayhawks lost two games in March before the season ended with 11 straight wins. Before the final, they won tough matches against Creighton and Providence and marched from a 35-29 setback in the regional final against Miami, beating the hurricane 47-15 in the second half, 76-50.

Their outburst against Carolina in the title game was, in its own way, very impressive due to the opponent, the podium and the stakes.

Kansas received the last two baskets of the season and received the final and most important headlines of the thrilling match. Carolina showed amazing play until the last. Krzyzewski’s exit was bittersweet: a record-breaking 13th four-round trip but a devastating loss to his team’s record shortly before the finish line. Big Ten spat out the bit again. St. Peters Gave hope to all the underprivileged And really danced in the hearts of the people.

And, as always, this match helped us to forget the problems of the game. Now the season is over and we will be reminding them again very soon.

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