Kodanji Brown Jackson Confirmation Live Announcements: Question starts Tuesday

Yvette McGee Brown, the first black female judge of the Ohio Supreme Court, told ABC News Live at Monday’s hearing that Ketanji Brown considered Jackson “well handled”.

“She was ready, she smiled,” McGee Brown said. “The cameras are constantly on her, so if she smiles at the wrong time, someone might take something inappropriate from that smile, it seems she didn’t take the process too seriously. So the way she looked was thoughtful. . “

McGee Brown said he thinks Jackson’s background as a public defender will bring a “beneficial” perspective to the court.

“We want to make sure that the organization lives in accordance with the constitutional balance enacted by the organizers. It is the burden of the state to prove that the defendants have committed a crime – his role as a public defender is to establish the state through them. To represent the burden and his client with enthusiasm,” McGee Brown said. “I think it would be useful to bring that perspective to court. It will give everyone an opportunity to understand how it can be for those who cannot afford to buy their own lawyer, and teach the public how important it is during this process. Both sides need fair representation.”

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