Kyrie Irving-Nets talks and the future in Brooklyn

With the eyes of the basketball world Webs And their potential superstar split, Kyrie Irving The speculation came to an end on Monday.

Seven times All-Star will choose the $ 37 million player option to fulfill his four-year contract, which was signed in 2019 for the 2022-23 season, as well as his commitment to the rights and Kevin DurandJoined Irving in Brooklyn in the summer of 2019. While Durant is seriously thinking about his future with the franchise, according to sources, Irving chose his contract and avoided pursuing several scenes that could trade before Wednesday’s selection. – In time.

Irving returns to Brooklyn, and if its owner Joe Chai and general manager Sean Marx decide to re-run Durant, Irving and the Big Three Ben Simmons, Will have the opportunity to compete for the Nets Championship. However, against the sweep from the end of the season Boston Celtics First round of playoffs without Simmons and Joe Harris And a hobbled Seth Curry, Fundamental problems persisted throughout these webs. It’s the contract negotiations that decided Irving’s future and his return to next season, and most recently, the assessment of whether Durant’s ownership would push him.

Irving’s agent Shedellia Riley Irving and the Nets’ front office have been holding extensive and constructive extension discussions over the past six days, with sources on both sides describing the optimistic talks to reach a new deal. Nets and Shedellia Riley Irving worked through various proposals, including a two-year maximum extension based on the games played and a four-year maximum warranty and trips of three and four years based on the games played. In one and two years, sources said. According to sources, Irving was willing to accept an incentive-based deal before the Nets were finalized: a short-term contract extension would protect both sides at the player’s option. Brooklyn refused.

There is torrent Maintained in public Whatever the outcome of these negotiations he and Irving will remain friends, but the Nets understood their close bond when they negotiated an incentive deal with Irving.

Sources said Nets and Irving had reached an agreement last weekend, before talks stalled.

Sources said Irving has three possible choices and trading options to pursue before making his final decision. Across the league, there are only five teams with scheduled pay-as-you-go space: Detroit, St. Anthony, Orlando, Indiana And New York, where everyone wants to build around young players or prefer other free agents. For their part, the Lockers Sources said Irving was more motivated to get the identity as a free agent than to get three All-NBA guards through trade. Irving’s choice and trading options – as well as the possibility of joining the lockers at the free agency – crystallized his decision to return to Brooklyn.

This week both Durant and Irving have the opportunity to be traded to see if Chai and Marks can fix the issues that led to so many teams across the league and if Tsai and Marks want to fix the issues that led to the trade this week, the focus is on the Nets. . There are real contentious issues between the Nets ownership, management and players, as many sources have suggested, and the Nets may still decide to move Irving this season or next season. Will Chai and Marx choose to rebuild and start anew – or will all parties restore relations and revolve the list around Durant, Irving and Simmons and Harris, Charcoal and Roll Players? Nick Cloxton?

As teams across the league prepare for Irving’s possible departure, the question is: How will Irving’s decision on Monday affect Duront? 12 times All-Star has four warranty seasons worth $ 200 million in its contract, signing the full maximum extension last summer. Next season, Brooklyn is set to feature healthy Simmons, Harris and Curry, making the title-match list.

Many teams are expected to pursue Irving through trading, but clubs are considering whether to trade assets on a contract for a player entering the free agency in 2023. Teams in the league understand Irving’s ability now to have the opportunity to prove themselves once again for a full season in 2022-23, then return to the market and get the maximum contract next summer. Several sources who knew of his decision said that Irving would like to prioritize winning the championship next season and show why he is one of the best players in the league.

For now, Irving is back in Brooklyn. These webs have more serious things to sort out the owner’s direction.

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(Top photo: David Butler II / USA Today)

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