Men’s NCAA Tournament: North Carolina knocked out the top-ranked Baylor overtime

The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team was crushed by Kentucky for much of December. Caused humiliation in Miami and Wake Forest in January. It was embarrassed by Duke and Pittsburgh on its own court in February and needed extra time to beat the tragic Syracuse.

Then came March. Tar Heels went to the Duke and was spoiled Mike Khrushchev’s final game at the Cameroon Indoor Stadium March 5. Then, in extra time at Fort Worth on Saturday, they advanced to the 16th round of the NCAA Tournament, beating Baylor, the No. 1 player in the Eastern Region and the current national champion.

Each signature win has a strap that can redeem any wrong season. But both? Roy Williams, who retired as North Carolina coach last year, was on Saturday’s stand: “Snowdrops.”

Eighth-ranked Dar Heels, who have a 25-point lead with less than 11 minutes to spare before returning, meet UCLA in Philadelphia on Friday.

They – and any other team remaining in the men’s competition this year – may be hard pressed, however, to write a bigger job of suspense than Baylor’s 93-86 drop, the first No. 1 seed to lose this year.

Yes, Baylor beat Tiffany, and Kendall Brown’s fast break gave them a 4-0 lead in 68 seconds. UNC then captured it and did not even allow the game to equalize with 15.8 seconds left, and Baylor ruined the performance of the Dar Heels, which seemed to be more in the record books than extra time.

Freshman Tontress Styles opened with extra time with the 3-pointer and was managed by UNC – this time – to hold.

“This is something,” said Armando Bagot, one of North Carolina’s star players. “It was stressful, of course.”

In the first half – after which the Tar Heels led by 13 runs – Baylor fought hard behind the arc and its turmoil sparked Carolina’s rise and the Dar Heels scored 15 of 42 points before the break.

Similarly, R.J., a second-year student at White Plains, NY. Davis scored 30 points to put UNC ahead at the end of the day.

Saturday’s chaos was, in many ways, a fitting symbol of North Carolina’s Topsy-Durvey debut campaign under Williams’ successor Hubert Davis.

The Dar Heels began to rise after losing 9 points to Pittsburgh on February 16 and losing only once to Virginia Tech at the Atlantic Coast Conference. This month Krishevsky was amazed to see them, once his own team, then ranked fourth in the country, made up of 6- ft-10 junior Bogot, a domestic revenue service agent and Brady Manek enthusiastically collecting refunds. , Who was transferred from Oklahoma, led North Carolina by 3 points in Saturday’s game.

“We knew the potential of this team coming up this season and wanted to change that,” RJ Davis said Friday. “After the appearance of the pit we knew, it’s not the way we wanted to play. So from then on, I think we’ve turned it around and started competing.

Helped by a blatant mistake, Baylor bought the majesty of the No. 1 seed. This is all a team can do when it’s past 25 in the afternoon.

The Waco-based Baylor avoided the humiliation of a long trip home after a humiliating loss, and, thanks to their victory over Norfolk State on Thursday, the humiliation of being the fastest-out champion in match history.

The Bears went much lower than expected.

Baylor could not manage a basket for four minutes in the second half. UNC took that break and scored 13 points to take a 24 lead.

Most of it came from Manek, who scored 9 points in the first half and felt small in the second half when he was 17 at the time. It is certain that he would have finished over 26 points, but he was eliminated. More than 10 minutes to play after a blatant mistake.

His dismissal proved to be a catalyst for the Baylor attack, which, in less than two hours, would have seemed a definitive route for them to Philadelphia.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to get one shot after another, one after the other, the Bears seemed to be the most anticipated team to swarm and progress on the stage.

“As a team we knew we were not going to give up and decided to use more pressure and stay firmly there,” Baylor guard Adam Flockler said. “So once we got into those diamonds and traps, we were able to get some stops and get some easy looks, so the run went.”

Hobart Davis said Baylor’s belated success in squeezing North Carolina had two consequences: it accelerated the tar heels and led to revenue.

“They don’t want to go home,” he said of Baylor.

Eventually, in less than 16 seconds, the Bears leveled the game at 80, where the score would remain until extra time.

The 3-pointer by Styles will allow you to regain control of the UNC starting overtime. Pagot made a free throw. Baylor circled effectively until the 78th inning, with the Tar Heels rising to 6 after free throws and laps from both teams.

However, time slowed further, and with Baylor gaining a stake in the regular-season title of the Big 12 conference, the score did not change much, wasting opportunities to save an afternoon and a season.

“At the end of the day, it’s hard to make shots in that second game, neither of us have deep benches, and usually the numbers support it,” Baylor coach Scott Drew said. “But they had two guys. They came out of the gate and shot it well.”

Drew said his team had once again revealed “the heart of a champion”.

But North Carolina, a team that could not be forgotten long ago, became the plan to play in March.

Put All The Mistakes Of This Michigan Season Away – The ugly clash in Wisconsin It was followed by suspensions, heavy losses, and a quick exit from the Big Ten conference competition – because the Wolverines suddenly won when calculated.

Michigan, ranked 11th in the Southern Region, bounced back late Saturday in Indianapolis to beat third-ranked Tennessee 76-68.

Tennessee, which was on a winning streak at the right time through the Southeast Convention, never dictated the game the way it wanted to. Its lead never crossed 6 points, and it missed 16 of 18 3-point attempts. Michigan, who play next in San Antonio, did not set records behind the Arc, where it went 16 to 16, but those points were important. Free throws made: Michigan’s final 10 points came from eight lines.

Michigan opening center Hunter Dickinson had 27 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Wolverines. Eli Brooks added a further 23 points for Michigan with a dozen lead changes.

Michigan showed vulnerability, however, turning the ball 15 times, more than twice as many as the volunteers, and burning 20 Tennessee points.

Baylor may have lost, but the Big 12 conference is happy to avoid two defeats: the league player, Kansas, and one of the No. 1 seed in the tournament, beating Creighton 79-72.

But the Jayhawks, who have seven seniors on their list and led by 9 points on Saturday, sometimes seem suffocating for the Chicago they play next. Trey Alexander, a Creighton newcomer, hit a long 3-pointer over Remy Martin, who trailed his team by just 3 runs. Keeshan Faisal scored a triple penetration pass from Alex O’Connell in a lap to reduce the deficit to 73-72.

Alexander’s misplaced pass ended Saturday with 15 points and eight rebounds for Big 12 player Ochai Akbaji, who had the opportunity to steal, score and recreate the Kansas lead to 3.

Creighton, who was playing without his own defensive anchor after injury on Thursday, was knocked out of the defense in a timely manner, while Kansas increased its tally to 79 using four free throws.

Kansas faces Providence in the 16th round.

Mick Cronin, UCLA coach, came to Westwood determined to focus on safety. Jaime Jacques Jr., Johnny Juchang, Jules Bernard and Tiger Campbell are stunning attackers, but the Bruins are the best at roaring and grinning without the ball.

The Bruins’ defense spurred their memorable run from last year’s four to the final four, and as they rolled St. Mary’s 72-56 they moved on to two wins on the same goal on Saturday.

St. Mary’s made seven of their first 10 field goal attempts with a seven-point lead. Then, after the UCLA huddle during the 12:00 deadline in the first half, the game changed abruptly – certainly not a coincidence.

The Bruins caught Giles 3 for 16 and extended that defensive effort into the other half for the rest of the game. As the second half progressed, St. Mary’s came under constant pressure. Giles sometimes seemed to have spent.

The biggest concern for UCLA was that Jacques, who has struggled with sprained ankles in the past, had 6:58 left when he turned his right ankle while fighting for resilience.

He didn’t play the rest of the game, and his presence will become a major story when the Bruins go to play North Carolina in Philadelphia on Friday. This is UCLA’s fifth Sweet 16 appearance in the last nine years. Featuring two schools that have combined 17 national titles, the match will undoubtedly be one of the marquee games of the weekend.

Giles (26-8), who played in Gonzalez’s shadow for many years at the West Coast conference, announced on Thursday night that he could be a tricky opponent for UCLA by completely destroying Indiana in the first round match. At the end of the first half they won easily by a score of 82-53 with a difference of 34-5.

But Indiana and a few others are playing the rude defense that Cronin demands. UCLA (27-7) are now 22-0 down 66 points this season.

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