Mona Lisa cream applied by someone in disguise

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A 36-year-old man disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair tried to smear a cake-like object on a Mona Lisa on Sunday during an apparent climate-related protest in the Louvre in Paris. He was subsequently sent to the police psychiatric unit.

After trying to break the safety glass surrounding Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, videos urging artists to “think about the earth” circulated online.

The Paris Attorney’s Office said Monday it would launch an investigation into the damage to cultural artifacts after the man was hospitalized, according to the Associated Press.

A video clip showed security guards taking the man outside: ‚ÄúThink of the earth. There are humans who will destroy the earth. Think about it. Artists tell you: Think about the earth. That’s why I did it. “

Other clips showed staff cleaning up what looked like white cake or cream from the bulletproof safety glass around the 16th century painting.

The Louvre did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Mona Lisa, housed in the world’s tallest museum, has been targeted before.

In 1911, the painting was stolen by a museum employee. In 1956, in two separate incidents, it was struck by acid and rock, after which the painting was sealed in glass to prevent further damage. Decades later, in 2009, the AP reported that a woman had hit it with a porcelain cup.

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