On January 6, White House records were moved to the House showing a 7-hour gap in Trump’s phone record.

Internal records of the White House handed over to the House Select Committee from the day of the attack on the US capital show seven hours and 37 minutes between President Donald Trump’s telephone records, including the period when the building was violently attacked. According to documents obtained by Robert Costa, chief election and campaign correspondent for CBS News, and Bob Woodward, associate editor of The Washington Post.

January 11, 2021 from 11:17 am to 6:54 pm – 457 minutes There is no record of any calls made by Trump to Trump or because there is no official White House record of the calls he made. Supporters Landed in American CapitolThe opposition to the police and struggled to the building and escaped lawmakers and Vice President Mike Benz.

The 11-page diary – the official diary of the president and the White House switchboard call record – was handed over by the National Archives earlier this year to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack.

Records show that Trump was active on the phone for part of the day, conversing with at least eight people in the morning and 11 in the evening. This interval also differed completely from the detailed public report of his telephone conversations with allies during the attack.

On January 6, Trump telephoned the White House transfers over the 7-hour House show.


Jan. Benny Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, who chairs the 6 House Select Committee, noted the gap in the record. “About.”

“Obviously, the President of the United States is not even a second away from being recorded somewhere,” Thompson told CBS News after the signing ceremony of the White House bill on Tuesday. He said the team should see if we can put it together.

“Keeping a record of what the president was doing that day is absolutely crucial to the committee’s work,” Thompson added.

Thompson said the committee had no evidence that there were any calls made or received by the president at the time, but that “if the US capital is violated, someone made some calls. We have to make it. Find them.”

The House panel is now examining whether Trump is being contacted through back channels, aides’ phones or personal disposal phones known as “burner phones,” according to two people who knew the investigation, as did others who interviewed the report. Anonymity to discuss important information. The team is also reviewing whether the full record was received that day.

Former White House chief of staff Stephen K. Bonan – who said in his podcast on Jan. 5 that “all hell will break tomorrow” – records that he spoke with Trump twice on Jan. 6.

A spokesman for the group declined to comment.

In a statement Monday night, Trump said, “I do not know what a burner phone is, and as far as I know I have never even heard that word.”

But former Trump is a national security adviser John Bolton said in an interview On Tuesday, after the CBS News-Washington Post report was released, Trump recalled that he had used the term “burner phones” in several debates and that Trump knew what it meant.

Bolton said he and Trump talked about how people used “burner phones” to avoid exploring their calls.

A Trump spokesman said Trump had nothing to do with the recordings and considered all of his phone calls to be recorded and protected.

Also, read on Washington Post Story co-written by Costa and Woodward.

Ed O’Keefe and Arden Farhi contributed to this report.

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