Phoenix Sons Fiji removes Dallas Mavericks fan after incident with family of Chris Paul

Dallas – Several family members of the Phoenix Suns Point Card Chris Paul Sources told ESPN that he was harassed and physically assaulted by a fan in the crowd during the 4th match of the Western Conference semi-final against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

Paul addressed the worrying Mother’s Day incident on social media following the Maws’ 111-101 tie in the series 2-2.

He Tweeted: “Players need to be fined for saying things to fans, but fans can lay hands on our family … f — it !!”

Sources told ESPN that Paul’s mother Robin and his wife Zada ​​and their two children watched the game in the back seats of the Suns bench at the American Airlines Center. Her mother had her hands on hers and his wife was pushed, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN, and Paul’s children were witnesses to it.

A separate source said Paul’s wife also followed the aisle as she left her seat.

The Mavericks organization was aware of the incident and issued a statement: “This is unacceptable behavior and intolerable. Mavericks, in conjunction with the American Airlines Center, quickly removed the fan from today’s game.”

With 8 minutes, 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter after being limited to five points in 23 minutes, Paul left the game and consulted with security guards near the Suns bench to express concern about what his family was doing. .

“They felt very insecure,” a source familiar with the situation told ESPN.

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