Rams Aaron restructures Donald contract to become the highest paid non-QB in NFL history

The future First-Vote Hall of Fame was amused with the idea of ​​withdrawing from the game after Super Bowl won LVI. He had even recorded that he would come back if Ramer came Brought back key players Like Van Miller and Odel Beckham, but not Miller Signed Not signed with Buffalo and Beckham.

In the end, money does not matter. Donald restored the market in which he already sits, rising from $ 22.5 million a year to $ 31.6 million a year on average, leading the league. The new average compensation is $ 10 million more per year than the next closest home defense lineman (Giants Leonard Williams).

Money, as we all know, is worth it. Donald is a seven-time All-Pro and eight-time Pro Bowler, a member of the Hall of Fame All-2010 team, three-time AP NFL Defensive Player and 2014 Defensive Player of the Year. Donald has been the epitome of excellence for most of his career, with the Rams proving to be right in spending the 13th-overall pick for him until 2014.

With the aim of Runs it again In 2022, the Rams will be able to feel more confident about their chances with Donald again. General Manager Les Snead has skipped another important item on his to-do list.

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