Rebel Wilson reveals new relationship with girlfriend Ramona Aguroma, discovers his ‘Disney Princess’

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Rebel Wilson shared that he is in a new relationship with his girlfriend Ramona Acroma An Instagram photo Shared online Thursday morning.

42-year-old actress “I thought I was looking for a Disney prince … but this time what I really need might be a Disney princess.”

He added the hashtag “#loveislove” and received thousands of likes and comments not only in support of the record but also in support of the new union.

Wilson and Acroma were filmed together a few months ago at Operation Smile’s 10th annual Park City Sky Challenge in St. Regisman Valley, Park City, Utah, but it’s not clear when they officially started dating.

Rebel Wilson (right) and Ramona Acroma officially took to Instagram on Thursday. The couple attended an event in April in Park City, Utah.
(Alex Goodlet)

Rebel Wilson says ‘really proud’ of himself after dropping 60 lbs. In 2020

“We talked on the phone for weeks before we met. It’s a great way to get to know each other,” he told People magazine. “In that sense it’s a little old school – very romantic.”

Wilson shared Notes on their relationship Recently on Twitter.

“Happy Memorial Day to all and thank you Concierge for an epic long weekend in Florida!”

The girls recently enjoyed a lunch at the Santa Barbara Polo & Rocket Club. Prince Harry plays with the Los Patress teamWilson proudly announced that he was on the “Harry team”.

“Through the process of finding high self-esteem, I think what you want from a partner is superior, so it’s very good to have someone in a healthy relationship who feels like an equal partner,” he said.

“There were times – I’m not telling all my ex-friends, they’re the best – but sometimes I just put up with what I shouldn’t be in. So being in a healthy relationship feels different.”

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Wilson was previously acquainted with Jacob Bush, the heir apparent to the brewery Anheiser-Bush. They officially went on Instagram in the summer of 2020, but Separated months later in February 2021.

The “Pitch Perfect” star was honest about her weight loss journey and lost more than 70 pounds, which she said was inspired by freezing her eggs for healthy fertility and family planning efforts.

“It all started when I first looked at fertility stuff and the doctor said, ‘Well, you’re better off if you’re healthy,'” he recalled during an Instagram live broadcast last year.

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