Rep. Nancy Mays says there is ‘pressure’ on Republicans to impeach Biden.

“I believe the pressure is on Republicans to put it forward and get that vote,” Mays told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” if he expected impeachment if his party won control of the House. “I think that’s what some people think.”

But the new lawmaker added: “If that happens, I believe it will be divisive.”

Mace did not specify the source of the alleged pressure and did not elaborate on who is considering the move.

Mages said on Sunday how he would vote if an impeachment vote were held: “If I feel that anybody has been deprived of due process, I will not vote to impeach any president. I generally vote constitutional, whoever is in power.”

CNN reported earlier this year Hard-line elements of the House Republican caucus are agitating to begin impeachment proceedings against Biden if the GOP takes power after the midterms — a move GOP leaders have so far refused to accept.
So have House Republicans The selection committee plots to take revenge Investigation January 6, 2021, Rebellion, CNN reported. Ex President Donald Trump He has leaned heavily on his Capitol Hill allies to protect him against damaging revelations about his role in the deadly attack on the US Capitol. As Republicans looked for ways to undermine those findings, their party began laying the groundwork to investigate the January 6 panel. Some of Trump’s staunchest allies have begun to publicly push for investigations and investigations into his baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election.
While House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy He has promised intense scrutiny and investigations into the GOP-led House, and it’s unclear how far he’ll be willing to go when the Jan. 6 and 2020 presidential elections loom.
Mays, who flipped the Charleston-area seat in 2020, voted to certify Biden’s presidential victory, drawing Trump’s ire. Faced with accusations of insufficient loyalty to the former president, he drew a Trump-backed primary challenger. The month ended By 8 points in the June primary.

Mace told NBC that he is “very optimistic” about seeing “a deep bench of Republicans and Democrats running for president” in 2024. But he left the door open to endorsing Trump again if he is the 2024 GOP nominee. .

“I’m going to support whoever the Republicans put forward in ’24,” he said.

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