Sean Strickland knows that UFC 276 was a ploy by UFC to get Alex Pereira to get the title shot.

Sean Strickland He is not blinded by his rivalry against the aims of the UFC Alex Pereira.

Strickland is set to meet former two-division Glory kick boxing champion on Saturday UFC 276. The controversial American has moved up to 185 pounds and is currently 5-0 Number of MMA Fighting. 8 is the middleweight world rankings. Pereira, on the other hand, has won five of his entire MMA career and entered the pay-per-view competition, sitting 2-0 at UFC with no wins against a ranked opponent.

Despite that inexperience, the UFC leader Dana White Pereira has already made it clear that he could be next in line to take the title shot against the winner Israel Adesanya Against Jared Cononier Only if he passes Strickland will Pereira and Adesenia share the history of their kickboxing days. It is safe to say that Strickland understood exactly why the UFC targeted Pereira as the person testing him in UFC 276.

“If we learn anything about UFC rankings, [they] Nothing, “Strickland told UFC 276 Press Day on Wednesday.” At the end of the day, it’s nothing. He’s dropped Izzy, so here’s what you can do: You can let him go, and then he’s fighting with a wrestler, and he’s knocking him down, and then they’ll never get an Izzy shot, or they say, ‘Hey, why shouldn’t he fight Sean? Sean does not like wrestling. Maybe if [Pereira] If we hit him, we can float above him.

“So this is totally a UFC trick, making him get an easy shot against someone who wants to attack him. So, UFC, I appreciate you, but I can wrestle.”

The rivalry between Pereira and Adesania has been on UFC’s radar since Pereira’s debut with an amazing knockout. Andreas Mycelitis In November 2021.

Pereira and Adesanya have fought twice in kickboxing. At the first meeting in April 2016, the Brazilian won the decision to become the future UFC champion. A year later, Pereira scored the highlight-reel knockout against Adesania in their March 2017 rematch.

Although Strickland knew Matt would have his strong advantage at UFC 276, he was not intimidated by the prospect of standing with the former GLORY duo.

“Here’s the thing, man. Here’s the f ****** thing. Let me tell you one thing. Stickland said. “So you’re some big f ****** Brazilian and you f ****** do not tell me that you knocked out Ezie 20 years ago f ****** I can not bear with you.

“Come on, Mom ******. Get out of here. ”

That being said, Strickland agreed that he would not be afraid to call what could be heard if things started to move south quickly against Pereira at UFC 276 when the time came.

“We’ll find out,” Strickland said. “I’m not really going with a game plan. I mean, if I go in and he starts to hurt me, yes, I’m going to take the coward’s way and wrestle.

“But I hope I can stand up and bang with this gigantic scary f ****** Brazilian.”

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