Separated from Tom Cruise and Paramount ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ release

“Mission: Impossible 7”, Kovid has been plagued by production delays, a raised budget and a stalled theatrical release schedule.

The real impossible task? A compromise between Tom Cruise And Paramount Pictures.

In an expression Hollywood ReporterMany departmental officials blamed “Impossible goal 7 ”is now at the center of a distribution war between leading star and producer Cruise and production company Paramount Pictures.

Then Production delays related to multiple Govt At “M: I 7”, the studio sets out to bring the 45-day theatrical window to Paramount + for the latest installment of its Tentball rights. According to sources, the cruise is set on a more traditional (but certainly expired 2022) three-month window.

Cruise is said to have appointed a lawyer to reach an agreement with Paramount, but they are waiting for “M: I 7” to resume negotiations.

“For that [Cruise], 45 days is like going from day to day, ”a Paramount source told THR. “He also felt that setting a date for the movie to be seen at the service would encourage people to go to the theater.”

The release date of Christopher Macquarie’s M: I 7 ‘has been pushed back four times, with its current premiere set for July 14, 2023. According to THR sources, Cruise is now extending the production process as a negotiating strategy. The eighth (and presumably the last) film

Ownership of “Mission Impossible” has proven to be a goldmine for Paramount, with the highest grossing film of the series “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” in 2018, grossing $ 791.6 million worldwide. Ownership of “Mission Impossible” has raised more than $ 3.5 billion for Paramount.

“You will [‘Mission: Impossible’] Even if you have a full slate 7 and 8, ”a studio senior told THR. “Marvel, by Bond’s standards they are not crazy expensive.”

However, “M: I 7” tops the list with tax concessions of $ 290 million. Sources say Cruise “forced” Brian Robbins, the new CEO and CEO of Paramount Pictures, to pay more for “Mission: Impossible” to finish the seventh film and the eighth. Production of “M: I 8” is said to be already underway.

Former Paramount CEO Jim Giannopoulos has been fired for failing to reduce the “M: I 7” theatrical release window ahead of the Paramount + release.

“Jim was the bridge between anything [Paramount’s] Shari [Redstone] And [president and CEO] Pop [Bakish] Liked and did what Jim thought was right, “said one source who said it would protect the relationship with Cruz.” Part of the reason [Jim] Shari and Pop thought they could shake a magic wand and force the star to accept the compressed window, the THR reported. “Tom is very firm in the play.”

Paramount declined to comment.

Similarly, sources indicate that Cruise will not be meeting face-to-face with new Paramount CEO Gibbons.

“Tom says what he wants, the studio says what he wants,” an insider said. “Then Tom gets what he asked for.”

That includes the big budget for “M: I 8” and the extra money allegedly financed for the final touches to “M: I 7”.

“M: I 8” will be released on June 28, 2024.

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