Spotify stealth started a winning show with this controversial couple

Spotify has a brand new original in its podcast rankings, but you may not like it if you do not know about it.

Last week, Spotify launched a new pop culture show, Breaking the breadSpotify Live. Breaking the bread‘S posts are now 11th Spotify’s Best Podcast Chart After finishing second for most of the week, he puts it behind Joe Rogan. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Girlwithnozop on Instagram), Come with a large built-in audience. Although the sisters have offered their huge fan base to the app, they have a controversial history that could be problematic for Spotify at a time when the company is on extra alert.

The sisters had a short-lived show in 2018 at Verizon’s currently inactive media brand, Othello, which was canceled. Then Daily Beast Reported Their mother was a bad conspiracy theorist and Pamela Keller, an anti-Muslim activist And the two sisters had previously posted anti-racist and anti-Muslim statements on social media. The sisters apologized, deleted their Twitter accounts, and started again Breakfast Become an independent podcast. Some The fans are in discomfort They do not want to deny their mother’s activities, but their audience is undeniable. The Oshri sisters have more than 3.5 million Instagram followers, their primary podcast currently in the top 100 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and they maintain what appears to be a strong Patron platform (statistics are now personal, but until 2019, They had more than 9,000 subscribers) The Oshri sisters did not respond to a request for comment.

But if the Oshri sisters are controversial, you never know from their show. Breakfast Mostly running pop culture charge, and Breaking the bread Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe dress, Hayley Bieber’s skin care line, Britney Spears’ wedding. Spotify Live Platform allows fans to participate in the show by asking for advice on lighter topics such as puppy training and bachelorette tragedies.

Follows the model of other Spotify live shows such as After hours with Alex Cooper And Dating with Harry Jovsi, The original show takes place in the live app and will then be posted as a podcast on Spotify. Unlike those shows, Breaking the bread Didn’t get any promotion from Spotify. The company did not release a press release about the show and did not post it on any of its social channels. The only promotion seems to have come from the Oshris Social accounts And Web light.

This may have something to do with Spotify’s setback to a nine-digit deal with controversial machine Joe Rogan. Rogan owns the world’s largest podcast, and as Spotify develops its podcasting capabilities, the company needs him. But Spotify’s unwavering support for Rogan brought some reputation, If not in cash, Damage. Spotify declined to comment on why they chose to partner with the Oshry sisters or whether their past past lack of publicity for the show was related to the way the company approached it. Breaking the breadIt goes for a substantial fan base of Osris without luggage.

Despite that Breaking the bread It was passive, and it was introduced at a time when Spotify was particularly cautious. Last week, the company Informed the Security Advisory Committee To assist in its content measurement policies (Keller makes a move “An internal conspiracy with government sponsorship”) And cut a new deal with integrated advertising science to ensure brand safety analytics for advertisers.

But the company is trying to increase its social audio processor Spotify Live (formerly branded as Spotify Greenroom) at a time. When social audio soundsAnd Breaking the bread May be its biggest success. If Oshrys continues to provide numbers, it will be difficult for the company to ignore the show.

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