Suspicion is even bigger over the Brooklyn subway shooting: live announcements

debt…Dakota Santiago for the New York Times

Frank R., 62, is suspected by police of firing on a car in a congested subway on Tuesday. James’ sister said in an interview Wednesday that her brother “owned her for the rest of his life.” And that she had little contact with him.

The sister, Catherine James Robinson, confirmed many details about her brother, who was born in 1959 in the Bronx, he was 62 years old, and he often moved from city to city, not spending much time anywhere.

But in a brief phone interview, he said he only spoke to his brother occasionally on the phone and did not know what he did for a living. For a long time they did not see each other face to face.

However, he said he was “surprised” to see his name named as a suspect in Tuesday’s shooting.

“I do not think he will do anything like that,” he said. “It’s not in his nature to do anything like that.”

When asked if her brother had sought psychiatric treatment, Ms. Robinson said he was not mentally ill and listened intently to what he had to say. “A lot has happened in our lives,” he said. In the second conversation, Mr. Ms. Robinson said their mother died when James was 5 years old.

Mr. He noted that James appeared on podcasts and YouTube, citing numerous posts of the suspect on social media.

He said he last spoke to his brother on the phone after their sister, Barbara Jean Gray, died of a heart attack several years ago.

For the explanation released by the police on Tuesday about the suspect, Mr. He said James did not match: about 5 feet 5 inches and heavywheel. He said his brother was over six feet tall and weighed about 300 pounds and had a bad back.

Mr. The police were not lucky enough to find James. But he left a lot of evidence in the videos he posted on YouTube and Facebook.

In the videos, amidst the sectarianism between the current events, Mr. James described cross-country trips in the weeks leading up to the attack – which seemed to end near the day of the shooting.

In a video released on March 18, Mr. James Benskey said he planned to pick up the van and leave Milwaukee the next day. Two days later, filming a video from the road, he packed up his apartment, emptied his storage, and explained that he was planning to move to Philadelphia, where he planned to move. He filmed himself in a rental van and said he was leaving Wisconsin, where there is at least one address.

“I think on the drive, I’m going back to the danger zone, so to speak, it triggers a lot of negative thoughts, of course, because I’m suffering – there is a post – traumatic case. Depression from all the things I have experienced,” he said in the video.

debt…Via the New York City Police Department

He is from Fort Wayne, Ind. Stopped overnight at, by which time he said he would reach Philadelphia by Tuesday. He said the next stop would be in Harrisburg and a city outside of Pittsburgh in Philadelphia.

Mr. James mentioned in the video that he planned to stay at the hotel for six days and then switch to short-term rent, which was Airbnb. Airbnb spokesman Christopher Naldy, Mr. The company inquired and confirmed to James that “there are currently no Airbnb accounts or bookings associated with the identifiable information available”.

Once in Philadelphia, Mr. James said he drove to a storage locker facility to store his belongings. He then briefly toured a hotel room in New Jersey. “All of my problems started in the stinking state of New Jersey,” he said.

According to his own account, Mr. James was in housing trouble. In a video released on March 27, he said a heater exploded at his place of residence and he had to move to another room.

In the video, he said he plans to go on a short-term rental and stay there until April 15. But three days later, in a video, he made a tour of a short-term rental, claiming he had changed it. He plans to call home on March 29th and for the next 15 days. Mr. Although it is unclear whether James is counting down the days to his immigration, it is 15 days after filming April 12 and March 29.

Susan c. Beach And Kitty Bennett Research contributed.

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