Takeoff Shooting – LATEST: Migos Rapper’s Inquest Report Reveals New Death Details As Offset Pays Tribute

Migos: Takeoff’s last Instagram story before fatal shooting

Takeoff, a member of Rap Tri MigosHe was shot and killed in Houston, Texas on Tuesday (November 1).

Rapper – full name Kirshnik Kari Paul – 28 years old.

Police officers were called at 2:34 a.m. local time (7:34 GMT) to reports of gunfire outside a private party of about 40 people outside 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley in Houston.

Both Takeoff and his Migos bandmate Quavo were in attendance. Quavo – real name Quavious Keyate Marshall – was not injured in the collision. A third Migos member, Offset, was absent.

An argument ensued after the dice game, and shots were fired, leading many to flee the scene in panic.

He was pronounced dead at the scene of takeoff. At the time, police did not release the victim’s name, but identified him as a black man in his 20s. Deputies on takeoff were the first to confirm his death, followed shortly by the police.

Industry figures and fans alike have mourned his death, with tributes pouring in on social media for the late rapper.

Celebrities including James Gordon, Drake, SZA, Outkast and Khloé Kardashian shared posts remembering the rapper..

So far, no suspects have been arrested, including Houston Police Chief Troy Finner Calling “more” witnesses with information about the shooting.

Police and the rapper’s fans have urged others to delete graphic videos of the incident that have been circulating online.


The Lakers reportedly played a Migos tribute to Takeoff during warm-ups tonight.

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 07:32


Where is Quavo following the death of fellow Migos rapper Takeoff?

Following the news of Takeoff’s tragic death, concerned fans are wondering about his fellow The Migos bandmate and uncle Quavo, who was present at the time of the fatal incident.

According to Houston police, Quavo and Takeoff, who were present at the time of the incident, were at a private party before the fatal shooting.

In the following update, the police tweeted: “Two other victims were taken to hospitals in private vehicles.”

A 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were both taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the police chief said during a press conference later on Tuesday (November 1).

The news confirms that 31-year-old Guo is not among the injured, however, his condition is unknown.

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 06:45


LeBron James changes his Instagram profile picture to a takeoff picture

American basketball player LeBron James paid tribute to Takeoff by changing his Instagram profile picture to a picture of the late rapper.

(LeBron James/Instagram)

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 06:11


A photo of Takeoff and Quavo as kids goes viral

A photo of Takeoff and Quavo as kids is going viral on social media.

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 05:45


Jaden Smith and Denzel Curry pay tribute to Takeoff

Jaden Smith and Denzel Curry pay tribute to Takeoff.

“Takeoff didn’t deserve it,” Curry wrote on Twitter on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

Smith added: “Rest in peace takeoff, this s*** is sad f***.”

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 05:25


Offset Instagram profile picture to takeoff picture

After the rapper was shot and killed in Houston, Texas on Monday, Offset paid a subtle tribute to his late band Takeoff.

While Offset has yet to verbally comment on his friend’s death, the rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday (November 2) to change his profile picture to Takeoff’s face.

Peony Hirwani3 November 2022 04:39


The cause of death on takeoff was officially ruled a homicide

An autopsy report obtained by the media on Wednesday (November 2) officially ruled the Migos star’s cause of death a homicide.

An autopsy confirmed Takeoff had been shot multiple times and the cause of his death was “gunshot wounds.”

Tom Murray3 November 2022 02:30


The designer had a very emotional reaction to Takeoff’s death

New York rapper Designer broke down in tears on Instagram Live after learning of Takeoff’s death.

The “Panda” artist vowed to quit rap over the murder at a private party in Houston, Texas.

“Why? Why are we doing this?” the designer yelled during the video.

Tom Murray3 November 2022 01:29


Quavo and Offset Name Takeoff the ‘Best’ Migos’ Video Resurfaces

A 2018 interview with Migos for Beats Radio has resurfaced in the wake of Takeoff’s death.

In it, Quavo and Offset agree that Rap is the “best” member of the trio and that he’s the most overrated in their hometown of Atlanta.

Tom Murray3 November 2022 00:31


Takeoff’s only solo studio album was released four years ago today

Takeoff’s only studio album The last rocket Released four years ago today, RapTV pointed out on Twitter.

The album’s release made Takeoff the second member of Migos to release a solo album, following Quavo Quao Hanzo, Released a month ago.

The last rocket It received widespread critical acclaim and debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Tom Murray2 November 2022 23:33

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