The Celtics take the defense to victory in the ugly Game 5 against the Heat

It was not pretty, but the Boston Celtics took the lead in the final of the Eastern Conference for the first time, and faced the elimination of the Miami Heat in less than 48 hours on a road game.

No team could find the net in the first half, but the Celtic team tied 24-2 more than six minutes before the end of the first quarter and the start of the fourth. The avalanche turned the first back-and-forth game of the series into a fifth straight-laced win. Boston’s top defense beat Miami from the field with 32% shooting and a 93-80 win to tie the series with 16% accuracy from the 3 – point range.

Celtics stars Jason Todd and Jaylan Brown scored 10 points off 16 shots in the first half, but they made all five of their attempts to start the fourth quarter, including four 3-points. Brown has 25 points.

“We play basketball,” Brown told ESPN after the win. “It’s the playoffs. One game, you win. The next game, [Jimmy Butler] Can come out and get 40 points, so we have to be better from game to game. This game only counts one. We have to be ready for the next one. “

The Celtics, who are 40-4 in franchise history, host Game 6 on Friday, while leading the series 3-2. Boston fans will remember 2012, when the Celtics took the lead in the 3-2 conference final and lost in the heat.

Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum responded to the Miami Heat during the 5th game of the Eastern Conference Final on May 25, 2022 at the FTX Arena in Miami. (Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Both teams shot down 40% off the field and were bad from the 3-point line in the first half. Miami had 12 points from 10 Boston turnovers and 16 points from nine attacking rebounds – and led only 42-37 at the break. Was ugly. On the bright side, the series has seen its first major changes since the opening quarter of Game2.

Injuries did not help. Marcus Smart, sprained ankle entered the arena. Robert Williams III started with a surgically adjusted knee. Tatum twice worsened his sniper shoulder again. Butler breastfeeds with swollen right knee and Kyle Lowry with left thigh pain. Tyler Hero never saw the court with an injured waist.

Butler, Lori and Max Strauss suffered a hamstring injury during the game, during which they stumbled on the bench and scored 33 runs for 4 from the field. They are 60 for 8 (13%) in the last two games.

“We’m not making any excuses for anything,” heat coach Eric Spolestra said after the second straight explosive defeat. “We did not divert anything. We did not give reasons for that. We lost the game today. We suffered a heavy defeat in Boston. We are still alive. We have a chance to play in front of a big crowd. [in a potential Game 7 on Sunday] An opportunity to create a memory that you will remember for a long time. That’s what we’re thinking right now, we have warriors who are going to tape up, brace up, do whatever it takes to get ready for the next match and embrace that match. “

The Celtics, who started the third quarter 8-0, doubled the heat and finished the game 10-0, leading 69-58 in the fourth quarter. Miami missed 19 of their 23 field-goal attempts and 13 of the third 14 3-point shots. The heat could not create anything beyond two tough Cape Vincent jump shots. Reserves Vincent, Duncan Robinson and Caleb Martin scored 33 of Miami’s 80 points.

Boston extended their lead to 23 at the start of the fourth quarter. Pam Adebayo responded to Miami with eight straight points, and Vincent 3-pointer 16-6, reducing the deficit to 13 with 4:18 remaining. Adebayo (18 points) and Vincent (15 points) lost 14 wickets for 27 runs off the field. Their teammates took 16 wickets for 67 runs.

Brown and Tott could not get close to the heat as they still had four points left to do nothing but rubbish time.

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