The Day Shift trailer vamps in serious style

Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg on Day Shift

Card-carrying members of the Vampire Hunters Union
Picture: Netflix

Urban Fantasy often leans toward a neon-blue-night filter, but inside day job, The upcoming action film from Netflix and Jamie FoxxThe Vampire Hunters They are struggling Bio-leeches Seventy-two and under sunny Los Angeles weather. After revealing the trailer via TwitterNetflix proudly announces that the film is “from those who taught”. John Wick How to kick ass,” which isn’t really the case Understatement.

Facing his family’s impending move, Jamie Foxx He laments the low salary he gets from selling Vampire parts Now he is out of the Union. As he tries to earn the respect of Hunter’s alliance, his old friend (Snoop Dogg) helps him out, giving him tips and putting in a good word for him. Also, good Daytime work To recognize that working in a union shop versus freelancing will make you more money. We want to see unity.

Day Shift | Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg | Official Trailer | Netflix

Light on any plot and heavy on monster hunting, as far as I can see. Daytime work Sounds like a laugh-a-minute act Comedy with some fun vampires and lots of gunplay. Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco star and seem to be doing the kind of character work they do best, the former full of dark humor and menacing one-liners with a heart of gold, the latter a self-deprecating, anxious good guy in over his head. JJ Perry directs, and the supporting cast includes Snoop Dogg, Carla Sousa, Megan Good and Natasha Liu Portiso.

Daytime work Available to stream on Netflix on Friday, August 12.

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