‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ first reactions call the film ‘Vibrant and Vivid’

The first reactions hit Taiga WaittitiHighly anticipated “Thor: Love and Thunder, ”Which premiered worldwide in Hollywood on June 23. Expectations are high for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, considering that Wighty’s last comic book release, “Thor: Ragnarok”, is widely regarded as one of the best Marvel movies.

According to journalists and critics on social media, those expectations were met. Film critic Simon Thompson wrote, “#ThorLoveAndThunder is a clear and vibrant explosion. There is a jewel in the crown of Thor Marvel of Hemsworth. Balin Core is a killer Poojiman, mixing camby and creepy character. Portman’s Foster and Thomson’s Valkyrie are a great couple. Crowe’s Zeus is the * chef kiss. * ”

Internal Correspondent Kirsten Aguna acknowledged and particularly praised Christian Bale’s performance as Korra, who wrote “Awesome Threat” and “one of the creepy Marvel villains we’ve seen on screen.”

Critic Courtney Howard, speaking on behalf of Taika Waittitty’s movement, said that she presents “a devastating, disrespectful scene” with “excellent storytelling, stock and character creation.”

The film was widely criticized by some, such as Brother Bible veteran writer Eric Italino, who generally enjoyed “Love and Thunder” but said the plot was “flat and harmless”.

Chris Hemsworth’s superhero Cork (voiced by Vaittity), Valkyrie (voiced by Vaittity) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)’s Gore The Godfather stops watching Bore the Godfather () . The return to Portman’s MCU caused quite a stir even before the release of “Thor: Love and Thunder”. Portman sits on “Ragnarok” and appears as Mighty Torah in the new film, in which he also sees the use of the magic hammer Mjolnir.

“In ‘Black Swan’, I was asked to be as small as possible,” Portman said recently Said Variety For a cover story. “Here, I was asked to be as big as possible. It’s a wonderful challenge – and the mental state as a woman.

“I’ve seen him play the scientist character in ‘Thor’ 1 and 2, and it didn’t make sense to do it again,” Whitty added about bringing Portman back to being a superhero. “That character feels a romantic curiosity. It’s an earthly woman, running around dying, with no real effect throughout.”

“Thor: Love and Thunder” opens in theaters across the country on July 8. See also first reactions in the posts below.

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