Twitter CEO Barack Agarwal fires 2 top executives, freezes hiring ahead of Elon Musk’s acquisition

Twitter has confirmed that it will suspend all hiring except for business-important roles.

San Francisco:

Twitter confirmed the departure of two senior executives on Thursday, and most of the hiring has been put on hold as Elon Musk prepares to become the new owner of a global news site.

Kevon Baikpur, general manager in charge of research, design and engineering at Twitter, is leaving with Bruce Polk, head of products, a Twitter spokesman told AFP.

Beykpour, however, said he was expelled from a San Francisco-based technology company.

“The truth is, I never imagined how and when I would leave Twitter, this is not my decision,” the father, who is on leave, said in a tweet.

Twitter chairman Barak Agarwal added, “He asked me to leave after he let me know he wanted to take the team in a different direction.”

Twitter has further confirmed that, starting this week, it will suspend all hiring except business-important roles.

Musk’s $ 44 billion deal to buy Twitter was announced last month, but still needs the support of shareholders and regulators.

The acquisition is expected to end in 2022, with Musk – SpaceX and electric vehicle maker Tesla – stepping in as its boss, at least for a while, in the space exploration effort.

Musk has recorded the lifting of the ban on Donald Trump on Twitter, arguing that kicking the former US president off the stage “alienated much of the country”.

Musk agreed to Trump’s return, sparking fears among activists that Musk would “open the gates of hatred.”

Trump publicly said he would not come back to Twitter if allowed, instead sticking to his own social network, Truth Social, which failed to gain traction.

Trump was launched from Twitter and other online sites, and supporters, his tweets and speeches accusing him of electoral fraud, attacked US Capitol in a vicious attempt to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as the winner of the January 6, 2021 presidential election. Months ago.

Musk justified that permanent bans on Twitter should be rare and reserved for accounts run by spam, scams or software “bots”.

Activist groups have called on Twitter advertisers to boycott the service if it opens the door to false and misleading information posts about Musk as its owner.

Following the fate of Twitter’s top lawyer, who is considered a moral champion on the platform, Musk tweeted that he was dissatisfied with controlling the content.

Advocate Vijaya Kade has spearheaded efforts to combat posts that could lead to real-world harm, such as bullying and the American capital riots.

He was involved in the decision to ban Trump, and others, including removing political advertising from use.

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