U.S. President Biden calls the Pucha atrocities a “war crime.”

The shocking atrocities in Ukraine, allegedly in the hands of Russian forces, have led to increased calls for Russian President Vladimir Putin to pursue war crimes charges.

Pictures of at least 20 bodies are scattered across the street In Pucha, Ukraine, it emerged over the weekend following the withdrawal of Russian troops from the region, which provoked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Call for an end to Russian “war crimes”. Of Russia Bombing of hospitals And Theater where children take refuge Cluster munitions and so-called vacuum bombs in densely populated areas have also been described as war crimes.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the war crimes and international justice movement.

What is a war crime?

The International Criminal Court has specific definitions for war crimes, which you can read This guide is published by the ICC. In particular, Russian war crimes may include targeting civilians, violating the Geneva Conventions, targeting specific people, and more.

There is a method of collecting evidence from evidence, satellite images and other places.

What is the International Criminal Court?

Located in The Hague, Netherlands and created by a The so-called treaty of Rome Originally brought before the United Nations, the International Criminal Court operates independently. Most countries are parties to this agreement, but there are huge and significant exceptions, including Russia and the United States. And, in that case, Ukraine.

Who can be questioned by the court?

The court examines the people, not the nations, and focuses on those with greater responsibility: leaders and officials. Although Ukraine is not a member of the Court, it has previously accepted its jurisdiction. Therefore, Putin could theoretically be charged by the court for ordering war crimes in the Crimea earlier.

However, the ICC Do not conduct tests in the absence, So he must be handed over by Russia or arrested outside Russia. It seems impossible.

How does the ICC take action?

Court proceedings can be brought about in one of two ways: by a national government or by the UN. The Security Council may recommend cases.

Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has veto power over the Council. The demands of the 39 national governments, most of them Europeans, prompted this current inquiry.

How long will these investigations take?

If justice in general moves slowly, international justice will rarely move. The ICC’s investigations are several years old. Only a few penalties have been won so far.

How will the ICC case affect the conflict?

According to Ryan Goodman, a New York University law professor and co-editor of the online forum Just Security, “for better or worse, the ICC inquiry could affect the diplomatic space for negotiations.”

He argued that he did not want to be arrested if Putin and other Russians traveled outside the country.

He said the investigation could weaken Putin domestically as well. “The Russians may realize that this is another reason why Putin can no longer serve his country.”

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